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The key to a good landscape for the front of your home is having a good foundation of shrubs — preferably evergreens that stay green even through the cold winter. Evergreen shrubs provide some neat foliage to choose from, but most will not be knocking your socks off with their amazingness. The best thing about evergreen shrubs is that they will keep their foliage all year round (even in the freezing cold winter). The trademark of this shrub is its variegated foliage: in this case, green on the inside, golden on the outside.

Even though a lot of evergreen shrubs don’t have a ton of color interest, they will serve as an important backdrop for your other shrubs, plants, and flowers. When all of your other beautiful rose bushes and flowers die off or go dormant for the winter, these evergreen shrubs are the workhorses that will keep your landscaping looking put-together… even in the desolate winter months. While you’re choosing your evergreen shrubs, think about using the textures, sizes, and even color variation to really play off of each other. They are a lot lower to the ground than my other two shrubs, and definitely have a blue color that pops.

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