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As a landscape designer who loves plants, one of the biggest challenges I've encountered is developing an interesting, dynamic, deer-resistant planting in the shade. This perennial offers season-long color, drought tolerance once established, and deer, rabbit and pest resistance.Plants form low compact mounds covered in pale yellow daisy-like flowers held above fine textured foliage. Even if you don't have deer in your garden, it is a beautifully-photographed guide to some little known, and quite stunning plants. As many homeowners have learned the hard way, most "go to" plants for shade are the deer's favorite food.

But having worked on my own property, as well as clients, I've developed a list of plants which the deer definitely will not eat and different design strategies to create dynamic and interesting plantings in this toughest of scenarios.Since deer narrow the potential plant palette tremendously, think in masses when planning your planting. On the other hand, the new Asian brown marmorated stink bug that caused so much damage last summer and then spent the winter in our houses in hordes is, indeed, in the landscape now. The theory behind deer resistant planting is that many stunning plants are unpalatable to deer because of their fuzzy leaves, poisonous tastes, and tough or spiny textures.Oriented towards the USA, there are different species of deer in different areas. Deer have regional tastes, where I live Daphne x ‘Carol Mackie' is a wonderful plant which handles a bit of shade, blooms a fragrant bouquet in spring and the deer don't touch it.

By experimenting you may find a plant that deer eat in other areas is untouched in your neighborhood, start small and good luck!Shade Tolerant, Deer Resistant Plants- The Fool Proof List1.

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