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A public meeting to discuss upgrading two major Louisiana streets is tonight (Tuesday, Nov. A great new gardenia cultivar called Frostproof (Gardenia jasminoides Frostproof) will be the first of the spring Louisiana Super Plant selections to be announced by the LSU AgCenter. View full sizeA new gardenia cultivar called Frostproof (Gardenia jasminoides Frostproof) is a spring Louisiana Super Plant selection. The Louisiana Super Plant program is an educational and marketing campaign that highlights tough and beautiful plants that perform well in Louisiana landscapes.
The shrubs might look a little thin after leaf drop but will fill back in with new growth in the spring. View full sizeFrostproof, which grows about 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide, is considered a compact gardenia that will fit in well where a smaller shrub is needed.
They commonly have problems with root rot and are one of the few shrubs that can be seriously damaged by root nematodes.

The Frostproof gardenia was chosen for the Louisiana Super Plants program for a variety of reasons.
This evergreen shrub produces fragrant, double, velvety white flowers heavily in May, then sporadically through the summer. Frostproof, as its name implies, is cold-hardier than other gardenias, although this isn't much of a factor in Louisiana.
Gardenia shrubs can grow to be quite large, as big as 6 to 8 feet tall and 6 to 8 feet wide.
Louisiana Super Plants have a proven track record having gone through several years of university evaluations or years of observations by industry professionals. Home gardeners and professional horticulturists should consider using Louisiana Super Plants when deciding what to plant. In addition, when you visit your local nurseries, look for signs showing which plants are the Louisiana Super Plants selections.

Later this spring, other Louisiana Super Plant selections will be announced, including two excellent warm-season bedding plants: a Serena Series angelonia and Butterfly Series pentas.
Shoal Creek vitex, a small summer-flowering tree that also is grown as a large shrub, also will be highlighted. Make sure you are looking in references written for Louisiana or the Gulf South when looking at possible plant choices.
Still, this gardenia can be counted on to hold up through even unusually cold north Louisiana winters.

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