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Illness and Decay: Shrubs can be infested with parasites and disease, which creates a state of poor health that affects your property.
Overgrowth: Shrubs that are overgrown can hinder walkways or obstruct views on your property. Re-landscaping: When you decide that new landscaping is needed, shrub removal helps to give your property a clean slate.
One of the most reliable and durable shrubs around, creosotes can thrive in heat, cold and even in times of draught. Typically growing less than three feet tall, this beautiful shrub is ideal for desert gardens in need of a little sparkle.
While evergreens can be tough to find in Las Vegas landscapes, the Texas ranger evergreen can grow to great heights in desert climates.
With the recent announcement that the potentially very dangerous giant hogweed plant had been found in Calhoun County, Michigan, it seems like a good time to bring up the subject of toxic plants that are more commonly found in and around Las Vegas. One of the most toxic landscaping plants in Las Vegas is the sago palm, which can be especially dangerous due to the fact that it’s used both in outdoor landscapes and as a houseplant.

Lantana is a favorite landscaping plant here in Las Vegas, but I’d be willing to bet that they’d be ripped out of a lot of yards if people knew that the little berries they produce are toxic. This entry was tagged common toxic plants, las vegas gardening blog, las vegas gardening tips, toxic plants in las vegas. Our Las Vegas tree service experts are trained in removing overgrown shrubs with our cutting-edge equipment. When trimming and pruning are no longer options, we can remove the shrub to help create more space and light on your property. We will help your property regain its luster and beauty while offering you Las Vegas’ most affordable prices no matter how stubborn your shrubs are to remove! Since these shrubs are oblivious to any type of weather, they are extremely low maintenance and require watering less than once a week. With stunning pink flowers that cover this shrub in the spring, this plant is one of the most unique and gorgeous plants that can be found in hot and dry climates. By utilizing these low-maintenance and beautiful shrubs in your yard, your garden and landscape will stand out among the crowd.

Our years of service in the Las Vegas area have made us the preferred tree service company in the area, and our clients can attest to all the reasons why!
But for gardeners or landscapers looking for durable plants that can make it through the 100 degree days, there are a number of different shrubs that can spruce up the appearance of any desert landscape. For more information on landscape installation in Las Vegas, contact Wet-Tec today at (702) 252-3151. The nightshade group, known botanically as the Solanaceae family, actually consists of everything from fruit-producing shrubs and flowering vines to trees and epiphytes (also known as air plants). With our precision skill and highly trained staff, we make sure that your shrubs are removed in the most efficient manner possible in order to shed new light on your valuable property. Find out which shrubs are ideal for the hot and dry climate of Las Vegas and other Southwestern cities.

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