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The herbs are best grown beneath the shrubs canopy, but the factors like history of flora, differences in climate, role of fire, disturbances caused by man also contribute in their growth. Soil Moist Transplant is formulated to inoculate transplanted trees, shrubs and plants during planting time. Gardening plants can refer to flowers, shrubs, herbs, vegetables, fruits, creepers and many more. The branches of the shrubs arise from a single base whereas there is just one permanent stem present in herb, which is referred to as rootstock. Depending on factors like PH, soil organic matter, soil moisture content and potassium available, it is concluded that the ecological differences in herbs were less than that of the shrubs.

The height of the herbs can be few inches and sometimes it may go a little taller whereas shrubs grow to about 5-6 metres tall. Here are some examples of annual plants Asters, Phlox, Balsam, Cosmos, Marigold, Salvias and Dianthus.
If the shrubs are small, then they are called as sub-shrubs and few examples of these sub-shrubs include periwinkle, thyme and lavender. The examples of herbs are rosemary, bay laurel, Christianity myrrh, basil and frankincense. Here are some examples of flowering shrubs like Ixona, Mosanda, Pentas, Hibiscus, Lantana etc.

Ornamental shrubs do not have flowers but these are best for their evergreen shrubbery, shapes and look. Here is example of some ornamental shrubs like Juniperus, Tuja compacta, Eranthemum, Aralia, Acalypha Hispidia, Crotons etc.

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