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Thankfully, for the latter areas, I have old clumps of lower-light plants to divide, including those in this new slideshow of my top 54 shade subjects.
You actually just made me wish I had some more shady bits to my garden (and was back in the north east) which is something no one else could possibly manage! While in Connecticut last week (my first time!) I had the privilege to pal around with Andrew Keys who mentioned he was possibly going to visit your beautiful garden. Sign up for seasonal notes View Current Seasonal Notes Landis Garden Design   6217 30th St. When deciding on a new garden landscape, there are many types of garden designs to choose from.

My real education in underplanting began eight years ago, when (20-plus years into my gardening life) I learned the most important lesson of all: Ask for help, preferably early and often. A spring or two later, Glenn and Charles, who curate the wonderful Dunn Gardens in Seattle and have a design business as well, visited again for two days. At the northern-most portion of the Englewood NJ landscape design, you can find a shade garden beside the home. Depending on your needs and existing conditions, gardens can be made for privacy, relaxation, entertainment, play space, etc. The shade garden features a more natural look, forming a nice, quiet, private retreat on the side of the house.

Trellises and textured shade plantings complete the shady landscaping with a lot of character.

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