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I called Ray to design and install a beautiful stamped concrete deck and apron around my newly installed pool. The first time I hired Ray he designed and created a stamped concrete patio and walkway for our home.
Hardscaping, in the practice of landscaping, refers to the paved areas like streets & sidewalks, large business complexes & housing developments. Noteworthy manufacturers of hardscape materials such as Cambridge, makers of Cambridge Pavingstones with ArmorTec® and Cambridge Wallstones have joined other producers in responding to the newly found popularity of larger scale pavement units. For a pavement design that incorporates the look of mega-scale stone slabs, Cambridge Cast Stone Slabs offer a cost-efficient solution to address this specific and popular trend. In addition to a natural stone appearance, a more pronounced surface texture can also contribute to this expansive, visual effect.
In closing, it should come as no surprise that European landscape designers are dictating what's in vogue. Patio pictures are often helpful in letting you see what you really like in a design and how certain things can have a professional look. Limoges has been in the business of creating outstanding hardscapes in Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts since 1983 . His 30 plus years of experience and knowledge of the landscaping, stamped concrete, and masonry fields sets him apart.

Our customers depend on us to design, install and maintain our natural stone and stamped concrete projects. It came out "absolutely beautiful." More importantly, Ray designed and installed my drainage around my new pool which "saved me" from flood problems this past March!! Design Kit is Ledgestone XL, also a 3-Pc Design Kit but with three components of even larger configurations and deeply defined bluestone surface textures. Design Kit and Ledgestone Individual Series Cambridge Best Sellers are more pronounced in the XL Series thereby complementing their considerably larger configurations. For even more creative possibilities, designers are also bordering their larger scale paver patterns with contrasting shapes, textures and colors from other Cambridge Collections such as RoundTable with its dimpled surface and Renaissance with its aged, distressed surface and edges. In a given design, the three shapes can be arranged in limitless, random placements for a look that will coincide with any natural and architectural surroundings. Set in Stone designs, installs, and maintains stamped concrete and natural stone driveways, veneers, pool aprons, and patios.
We work closely with architects, designers, builders and owners to initiate and execute each job. Ray's talented and polite workers did wonders with beautiful stonework and detail, leaving our yard clean after each day (which we never expected).

Raymond Limoges and his crew not only corrected the hardscape aspects, but he also referred me to specialists who corrected all other unfinished and problem areas. Along with benefitting from Ray's design creativity, the craftsmen on his crew did an excellent work on the job.
From simple repairs to complete property renovation, Set in Stone, Inc is staffed with skilled employees and heavy construction equipment to build the masonry project that will characterize your home or business.
This multi-use, cast stone option consists of three trapezoidal shapes and one square shape. They are usually designed to the specifications of the owner and become an extension of the house itself. These rooms can provide all the comforts of the home, including televisions, speakers, lights, refridgerators, grills,drawers, storage areas, and fireplaces. We at Set in Stone believe that every project should be specific to its owners and its surroundings.Stone Walls and VeneeringNatural Stone walls and veneering of house walls add tremendous value and character to any site. It is maintanance free and long lasting and can be designed an infinate amount of ways to make your site unique.Custom Logo DesignsSet In Stone is adding custom logo inlays for companies that want to make an impression on customers every time they walk over a logo designed in pavers to enter the building.

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