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Revive Landscape Design provides custom landscape design services to residents living in the greater San Diego and Southern California areas.
You would not need to go far in order to be one with nature for you can find it in home’s and hotel’s rooftop. It is indeed impressive how a roof garden is being created and designed to suit the needs of the users. It can also give anyone an area perfect for relaxation and entertainment.Well, anyone would love to have their own roof garden especially if you will see below’s showcase of beautiful roof gardens with truly appealing landscaping and design concepts.

A garden possessing a unique design of the house with a continued hardwood flooring from the inside. With these designs as inspiration, you can now design your own roof garden in whatever manner you want it. Be sure also to incorporate function and usage aside from mere aesthetics in your roof gardens. This roof landscaping is a nice combination of art and great taste, with a blend of excellent interior design with live plants and nature.

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