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Ideas for rock landscaping can range from small to large; and from low-budget to expensive.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Outdoor Patio Ideas, Backyard Design Ideas, Retaining Wall Ideas and Apartment Interior Design. This is a comfortable looking sit out with its flowering plants and well landscaped rock garden. The neatly trimmed lawn and pathway bordered with rocks make a very serviceable landscaped garden. Garden ornaments and palms combine to give this rock landscaped garden a magical storybook appearance. The roughly cut rocks balance with the well designed bushes creating a lovely rustic landscaped garden. The marble exterior of the villa and plentiful stones and rocks combine to create a very classy landscaped garden. The little plants dotted along the rock space makes this a very rustic looking pretty landscaped garden. A great lawn around a villa deserves a landscaped garden of such large rocks and flowering plants. A stone path leading to the house and a pile of large rocks gives this landscaped garden a deceptively DIY look.

Little stones in different colors balance the simple yellowish tones of the rock creating a lovely landscaped garden. The lone tree provides great shade for this homely looking lawn and rock landscaped garden. A combination of short and tall bushes with small and big rocks has created a very aesthetically landscaped garden.
A path of wooden slats surrounded by little rocks and little bushes makes a great landscaped garden.
Loosely piled rocks separate the stone pavement from the flowering plants creating a nice little landscaped garden. This large lawn interspersed with rocks is a lovely landscaped garden that’s good enough for a summer party. The bench made of rocks adds to the rustic ambience of the lawn and well landscaped garden. Although the plants and rocks are small and so is the garden, this landscaping looks very attractive.
Large rocks dip suddenly towards a lovely lawn and a solitary bougainvillea making a great landscaped garden.
Natural things like pathway of wooden slats, small bushes, fountain surrounded by rocks makes a lovely landscaped garden.

A solitary tree takes center stage with dark rocks and shale surrounding it in this landscaped garden.
Differently sized rocks and stones give this little landscaped garden a superb rustic appeal. There are some landscaped gardens in this collection that look almost like the DIY kind of idea. Large lawns have an appeal of their own and when you put some colored rocks it becomes your own piece of heaven on Earth. All these ideas are easy to create and have an aesthetic appeal that makes them irresistible. A well mowed lawn, a rustic arrangement of small stones and big rocks and some flowering plants is all that it takes to create your own heaven on Earth.

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