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Tagged: John Carmody, John Ozard, Moby Dick Motel, Osprey Sea Kayak Adventures, rock gardening. We joined sea-kayaking friends (including Johna of windagainstcurrent) on the rocky coastline of Rhode Island slash Massachusetts for a long weekend of training with coaches John Carmody, John Ozard (shout-out for several pics in this post) and Carl Ladd. We launched from Sakonnet Harbor on the Sakonnet River in RI and headed south beyond Sakonnet Point to play in the areas adjacent to West Island and East Island. In chart-speak, that’s Rk or FOUL or * … ROCKS! Funny how rock-hopping skills have a lot in common with capital-L “life” skills…not to get all Tuesdays With Morrie on you, but the analogy ‘s a hoot! The Tsunami Rangers are well know for their crazy antics in big surf, wild rock gardens and surfing in caves.

Recently Team Fat Paddler had the pleasure of hosting the Tsunami Rangers’ very own Captain Kuk, who on a sunny Sydney morning shared his experience and skills with us as we worked the waves (and for Gelo, the cliffs!) of our  local rock gardens.
Between us we have many questions on both rock gardening and surfing so I decided to approach another Tsunami Ranger, Commander Eric Soares, and asked if he’d be willing to share his knowledge with some antipodean rock-gardening wannabes. Our questions are really on two areas of interest for us, namely kayak surfing and playing amongst the rocks. Do this when a wave’s pushing you onto a rock (provided your bow is pointed at the rock face).
I have an inclination towards coastal exploration (a diplomatic way of saying rubbing my kayak up against rocks and cliffs in frothy water), but there are few mentors in my neck of the woods with any real experience in this type of playful (and sometimes painful!) style of paddling.

Take eddies, for example: You can use the ones on either side of a rock to turn your boat in safely behind it.

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