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There are so many varieties in the rocks themselves, and even more variety in the possibilities of using those rocks to your advantage.View in galleryHere are 20 fantastic uses of rocks for your backyard landscape inspiration!View in gallery1.
Mix and match sizes and colors of rocks on the same pathway to create visual interest and landscaping depth.
Beautiful river rock forms a “triple threat” in this backyard oasis, designating an intuitive walkway and juxtaposing nicely against the wooden fence and lush green grass.View in gallery4.
Various sizes, shapes, and colors of rock combine to create a soothing yet energetic waterfall for the Zen backyard.View in gallery5.

A “bridge” of bluestone passes through a “river” of smaller rocks for a delightfully scenic and water-friendly backyard.View in gallery6.
Rock walkways and patios are durable and easy to maintain, plus they add so much to the natural beauty of a backyard.View in gallery7.
With or without a water feature, rock gardens (interspersed with climate-appropriate plant life) are a lovely way to transform that useless, troublesome backyard corner into a focal point.View in gallery9. Mortared rock walls combine with tinted and stamped concrete to create a textured, unique, and beautiful backyard feature.

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