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What makes this garden so impressive is the fact that everything in the garden is created from industrial and home waste and items that have been discarded. Established in the form of an open-air exhibition hall, theatre trove and a miniature maze, the Rock garden is set in large mosaic courtyards connected by walled paths. The Garden itself has 14 different chambers housing natural rock-formations which include a musician’s chamber and the main court (Darbar) where the king’s throne is placed. The garden attracts more than 12 million visitors from around the world every year and is viewed as one of the modern wonders of the world. Our Group of KDO Sr.Citizens has visited this Garden and we enjoyed going through the variety of Temples, Caves, Waterfalls and statues although it took two hours to see. When I visited this rock garden during 1976, it was small and now the expansion with new addition is admirable. Its really wonderful to see this unique garden which is a proof that if there is zeal and dedication then waste can also be converted into beautiful things.

I have been there once in 2000, with our friends from Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore universities. Rock Garden is no longer bright and beautiful.It is dark and depressing due to fungus and moss all around.
In 2001, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) initiated ways to promote the lake as the tourism destination and point of interest.
Every-time i remember About Rock garden,It is fantastic and imagination of stone and arrangement are wonderful.
I have been to chandigarh and I have visited this Rock Garden Thanks for recapturing the glimpses of the past.
I wish all school going children should visit this garden to get new directions in their thinking which is many more times educative if taken in right sense. Enter into the most breathtaking arrangement of rocks, boulders, frames, broken chinaware, metal wires, broken bangles, play marbles and much more through a modest yet classy entrance.

Artificial waterfalls, rock garden, restaurants, and natural rocks formation adds to the beauty of this point of interest. But, i am sure, all of our friends can never be back together there again.Whenever i see all the photos which we have taken there, it remind me of Rock Garden so badly.
The Rock garden displays sculptures made from everything from clay to auto parts which have aided in creating a world of palaces, soldiers, monkeys, village life, women and temples.
This garden, which is without a single flower, is also the venue of the annual Teej Festival.

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