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April 15, 2015 by leadwriter Homes and businesses in Pittsburgh are often faced with a unique problem.
Today, we are going to check out Pittsburgh retaining walls, retaining wall designs and choosing a landscaper in Pittsburgh or hardscaper for your needs.
Pittsburgh retaining walls are something needed, but not the first thoughts for property owners. Retaining walls are not something that people put high on their list of must-haves when they are looking for a new home or for a building to put their business on.
These walls help keep the dirt and ground in place and allow keep the water from causing damage to home by keeping it away from the home.
Gravity Wall – This is a basic wall that prevents the soil from moving based on the mass of the wall. Anchored Walls – These retaining walls include parts such as cables or some other structure that anchor the wall in place.
Adding a big solid wall structure to a home or commercial property may not seem like something that will enhance the look of the property.
A basic wall may not be something that people want in their home, but a retaining wall does not have to be something that is unappealing.
The main thing to consider when designing a retaining wall in Pittsburgh is the material that will be used.
When it comes to creating a retaining wall that is very strong and durable, concrete is a great material.
Concrete retaining walls are best suited for larger retaining walls that need to be structurally sound. The cost of having a brick or masonry retaining wall can be more expensive and will depend on the size of the wall, the type of brick that is chosen and the skill of the people installing the wall. Landscaping stone and hardscaping stones are a natural material that can create a retaining wall that looks absolutely amazing. Finding the stones that fit together properly and being able to put them in place so the wall will function well is difficult and requires a person who has a lot of experience creating this type of retaining wall. Railroad ties are a very popular material for Pittsburgh retaining walls that surround gardens.
These walls may not be as strong or as durable as the other materials that are commonly used.
Anyone that has a home or a business in Pittsburgh is familiar with what retaining walls may look like. From the functional retaining walls that the businesses along the rivers of Pittsburgh have, to the luxury homes in the hills of the suburbs, retaining walls are keeping the ground of Pittsburgh where the residents need it to be. Landscaping is divided into two main areas, Pittsburgh landscaping services and Pittsburgh hardscaping services. Pittsburgh landscapers also offer landscaping services like water effects, natural soil and land formations and more.
There are four main styles of retaining walls in Pittsburgh, and the surrounding area like New Castle PA and Hermitage PA. Retaining walls in Western Pennsylvania can also use meshes and mats to keep earth and soil from movement.

One of the best pricing materials, and most aesthetically pleasing for areas, is a natural stone to the area.
The choice of stone and rock comes down to what type of pathway or walkway is chosen, and if it is anchored or in relation to other rock and stone elements.
The most simple method of creating a driveway is to simply edge the needed area, and pour concrete.
Most landscaping contractors and landscaping service in Pittsburgh offer some type of wooden deck, arbors or other wooden structures that help to accent classic stone areas. There are special requirements for landscape companies in the Allegheny County area to consider when it comes to landscaping needs.
This can also lead to the actual services that Pittsburgh landscaping companies offer during the time of year being restricted. From December to early February, you will find most Pittsburgh landscapers offering snow removal services for this reason. For instance, in Allegheny County, most of Butler County, Armstrong County and Washington County, you are considered in the Pittsburgh Plateau. For Westmoreland County, Fayette County and Indiana County, you are in the Allegheny  Mountain area. For the above reasons, the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania region is dominated by stone pavings and retaining walls (mortared and anchored, usually) of various heights and using different structural styles. Enter your email below, and you'll get landscaping and softscaping information for the Pittsburgh Pa and surrounding area immediately. The terrain of the area and the type of soil that is found in Pittsburgh creates a situation where retaining walls become necessary.
Without the retaining walls the ground would constantly shift and homes would not be structurally sound. Beams are placed against the wall to make it stronger and to prevent the soil from pushing the wall back.
These walls are typically used in small spaces with soft soil and are not always the strongest type of retaining wall. Many people think having a cement wall in front of their home will make it uninviting and imposing. Fortunately, for concrete in Pittsburgh PA, it can be colored and patterns can be added to it that can make it look much better.
When stone walls are done by professionals, they should be very strong and they should last a long time.
They can be cut to fit the size of the wall and they can be anchored into place very easily. In Pittsburgh, and the surrounding area of western Pennsylvania, this is a profession that varies a great deal in action.
If you choose not to hire a local landscaper in Pittsburgh, you can also purchase low voltage landscape lighting and landscape lighting kits from home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot. While no one wall type is better than another in general, each retaining wall and vertical hardscape structure needs to be thought out; and an engineer to be hired for some larger structures. There are also other types of walls and verticals that use combinations of various styles of retaining structures for added strength and style.

For Pittsburgh, Butler County, Mercer County, Allegheny and Westmoreland counties, you will find a few stones and rocks used more often than others. Many hardscapers and landscaping companies in the area offer initial creation, as well as driveway sealers and seal-coating services; a good driveway sealer should not be an annual hire. A pergola (also called an arbor or abour), is a garden feature that covers a walkway, driveway or sitting area.
Also, soil needs can be addressed; digging, excavations, alterations, retaining walls and more. This is also usually the time that most landscaping and hardscaping projects are ramped up, as well, massive amount of searches and calls are made for landscapers in Pittsburgh.
While technically not located in the mountainous region itself, Pittsburgh and neighboring areas are close enough to the Appalachians that it’s soil makeup and possible rock and earth consistency is similar. While drainage is poorer in this region compared to the Pittsburgh area, the growing season for plants and gardening can have a higher yield. This area is varied in both land elevation and texture, as well as in the natural rock choices a landscaping company could use for your home landscaping and commercial landscaping project. From natural sandstone and fieldstone retaining walls, to natural gravel walkways, to brick and even artificial stones like created concrete paving stones, this region supplies some of the best landscapers and landscaping companies in the country. Just like other Pittsburgh hardscaping items, they may be overlooked at the beginning of a project, but might be the most important piece. When building homes in sloped areas such as those found in Pittsburgh, a retaining wall is often a must have. Part of the choice will depend on what the function of the retaining wall is going to be and the budget of the person creating the wall. More likely than not, you will, after a short drive, notice functional retaining walls, as well as structural retaining walls all over Pittsburgh, Wexford, Penn Hills and further. Everything from building retaining walls, to rebuilding and repairing walkways, to lawn care and maintenance as well as excavating and snow removal can be covered under landscaping. The harsh snow of the winters in Erie PA, Pittsburgh and even Youngstown Ohio are nothing for most of these materials.
This can be like a lattice work, a vine covered wooden archway or even a simple covering with open walls in any outdoor area. Clair in Pittsburgh PA (15241) could all see negative temperatures (below zero), as well as summertime temperatures topping 100 or more.
As well, landscaping choices for elements like retaining walls and excavations may be needed as the land may be more sloping and erosive compared to related areas in Pennsylvania. We are ready to build the retaining wall that is right for your situation and one that will stand the test of time.

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