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A terrace or retaining wall made of stone or rock is typically more durable than wood - even the best treated timber will eventually rot. Though retaining walls and terracing may look relatively simple to build, there is some science involved. Transform the exterior of your home into a beautiful outdoor space with patios and walkways.

Azar Builders specializes in hillside repair by building retaining walls and providing appropriate drainage to stabilize a sliding slope.  Click on the thumbnails below to see some of our work. Retaining walls, whether made of stone or treated lumber, shore up a slope or hillside and protect against damaging erosion from wind and water.
Depending on the size and slope of a hill, terracing may consist simply of one wall built into the bottom or middle of the hill, or a series of tiered wood or stone walls.

Another method is through the use of large rocks or boulders set in tiered rows on a hillside.

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