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Around houses, retaining walls make sloping areas usable by creating level space for gardens, driveways, terraces, and walkways. Retaining walls are typically designed out of concrete, stone, wood (including railroad ties), vinyl, masonry, steel, or brick. We install either a wall anchor system or helical tieback system along the retaining wall to reinforce the structure.
Signs of a failing retaining wall are usually easy to identify, as shown in the different examples below. A separating retaining wall may have not been designed to withstand the weight that actually bears on the wall. Retaining walls can crumble for a wide variety of reasons, most related to improper design of the walls itself. Concrete retaining walls may also have been designed with inadequate steel rebar, resulting in insufficient strength. To repair retaining walls, we at Foundation Recovery Systems typically recommend either wall anchors or helical tiebacks to restore structural integrity. Both wall repair techniques use a strong steel wall bracket on the exterior of the retaining wall to brace the wall and properly distribute the anchor's clamping pressure. With both wall anchors and helical tiebacks, your foundation repair contractor will also attempt to return the wall to its original position, restoring its appearance and structural integrity. Wall anchors accomplish this by driving an anchor rod through 1" holes driven into the retaining wall. Helical anchors are installed from the exposed face of the retaining wall, through a hole cut in the wall. Like other solutions for structural issues, you will encounter many options for repairing your retaining wall. At Foundation Recovery Systems, our wall anchor systems are designed with galvanized steel to help protect from rust and corrosion. Unless the retaining wall is showing extensive deterioration, removing and rebuilding the walls should not be necessary.
Removing and rebuilding a retaining wall is an expensive, time-consuming process that typically involves heavy equipment, major excavation and the loss of valuable landscaping features.
Retaining wall anchors are exposed to the elements -- both in the soil and on the wall plates themselves. We recommend installing wall anchors made with galvanized steel -- with a written warranty that stands by the product for decades to come.

At Foundation Recovery Systems, we provide warrantied solutions for retaining wall repair throughout Missouri & Kansas. Fixr has validated the email provided by Kansas City Landscape Design, Hardscape Architecture & Engineered Retaining Walls. Fixr has reviewed the content provided by Kansas City Landscape Design, Hardscape Architecture & Engineered Retaining Walls to match our community guidelines. Kansas City Landscape Design, Hardscape Architecture & Engineered Retaining Walls has been rated with 28 experience points based on Fixr's rating system. Professional and Affordable Concrete Retaining Wall Installation We provide professional Concrete Retaining Wall Installation at inexpensive prices.
Retaining walls can be the perfect solution if you have a sloping lot that you would like to expand into usable living space.
Gravity retaining walls rely on their own weight and setback to retain the soil and are shorter in height.
Treated timbers and railroad ties are often an inexpensive choice for a retaining wall in the short term, however; their equally short lifespan makes them a poor choice.
Segmental Retaining Walls (SRW), are concrete masonry blocks that are modular and interlocking. If your budget doesn’t allow for installation of a sitting wall at the time of your patio installation, they can always be added at a later time. More simply, retaining walls are used to hold back soil and substrate from moving due to the effects of gravity and erosion. If water accumulates behind the wall, this additional weight can cause clay soils to expand, leading to cracks and tilting. Poor drainage and inadequate reinforcement or connection to the adjacent wall are other possible causes.
In the case of concrete retaining walls, the issue may be inadequate, weak, or poorly mixed concrete. These rods are connected to earth anchors that are placed within augured holes within the soil beyond the retaining wall. However, in some cases, wall anchor installation is not a possibility, and helical anchor installation must be considered. For homeowners interested in learning more about their unique problem, we offer free, written retaining wall repair quotes at no obligation.
Segmental concrete block retaining walls are perfect for this type of wall; they are stacked together and lock into place to form a setback.

Common retaining wall products include railroad ties or treated timbers as well as wall stones, natural stones, bricks and concrete block.
They can be easily stacked together to create a maintenance-free retaining wall, to fix grading or slope issues, and to have the ability to solve several other site problems. A sitting wall is a two-sided, freestanding wall that can be custom designed any way you like.
We simply remove the paver edging and install the sitting wall along the edge of your patio. Our sitting walls can be used to create a unique focal point to your current landscaping or could be used as additional seating areas for individuals at your next party! In unusual cases, expansive soils may also cause a retaining wall to separate from an adjoining wall.
After closing the hole in the retaining wall, a wall plate is installed and a nut is tightened over the protruding threaded rod to brace the wall. This includes situations where rocky soil is an issue, or when space restrictions make auguring a hole beyond the retaining wall an impractical solution. Geogrid is installed between layers of blocks in the wall and laid back into the slope to increase the strength of the wall.
If you are interested in learning more about the various sitting wall options available to you, please Contact Us today! The installation of these materials can be expensive due to the increased equipment and labor costs, but the result is an artfully natural looking wall. For walls that exceed 4 Ft in height we will use a civil engineer for structural design to ensure the wall is built to local building standards.
Sitting walls are a long lasting, cost effective way to add convenient seating and definition to your outdoor space.
The answers to these questions will allow you to decide if you need a gravity wall or a geo-grid reinforced retaining wall.

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