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A Home Depot in Sydney, Nova Scotia, needed a retaining wall in achieve enough space for a loading ramp.
The Redi-Rock Design Resource Manual is an invaluable resource for any engineer or architect designing a Redi-Rock wall.
There are hundreds of Redi-Rock retaining walls in the Halifax area--VIEW MORE HALIFAX RETAINING WALL PROJECTS HERE! Choose the best retaining wall system available in the Halifax, Nova Scotia area--choose Redi-Rock retaining walls for your next project.

Check out the resources available on this site for more information about retaining walls available in Halifax, or contact our Halifax area retaining wall professionals at 902-468-8040 today!
See how Redi-Rock retaining walls were used to create this awesome structure--plus an amphitheater too! Redi-Rock blocks weigh as much as a Budweiser Clydesdale or a Chevy Corvette, ensuring that your walls will stand the test of time. When you buy Redi-Rock retaining walls in the Halifax area, you can be confident that every block delivered to a job site will perform in a consistent manner, exactly the way it was engineered.

Through the addition or removal of material, held in place with carefully planned stone, concrete or wooden retaining walls, we can mold the land to create a functional, attractive space.

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