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Our gabion retaining wall is a rectangular structure that composed of quality welded wire mesh panels joined together by spiral joints, hog rings or clips. It has brilliant performance in soil stability and erosion control; therefore, it is generally used in coastal, riverside and other areas where there is risk of high water. Excellent flexibility of gabion retaining wall makes it possible to move with the earth to maintain integrity. Various local stones can be used to fill the baskets such as river boulders and angular limestone, meanwhile, recycled bricks, crushed recycled concrete and other waste materials are also workable. Heavy zinc coating and PVC coating make the gabion retaining wall extremely resistant to rust and corrosion; in other words, these coatings efficiently protect gabion retaining wall from rusting away as well as extend its lifespan. If you need river bank and flood protection, to prevent you land eroding away, gabions are a low cost method of flood protection. Gabion erosion walls are a often used low cost river bank protection method, that do not require a expensive concrete foundations or deep footing piles unlike other erosion methods.
Gabion erosion walls are a quick and easy to build, that do not require a concrete footings. By combining gabions and large rip rap boulders, the engineer's solution for this river bank erosion problem protectsd the bridge piers from being damaged during floods.
River bank protection when designed properly by an experienced engineer are very strong and will last for years providing the protection from erosion to the river bank and the land and buildings, behind the wall. Large river systems and gabion baskets must be filled with hard durable materials that will not weather or erode away in.
Gabion flood protection walls can be built in the water and over instant protection from flood damage. This engineer has used gabions to create a gabion river crossing, the river banks on either side of the crossing are protected from erosion and floods this a substanial gabion erosion structure. Designed to hold back soil and prevent, this erosion wall employs big gabions that were moved into position with heavy equipment and because of the lifting equipment needed these are not really a DIY erosion walls.
The design of all river bank protection systems needs to consider, the soil profile, soil type, (clay, gravel or sand), Expected peak river flow, and expected maximum river channel scour depth.
Home owners, weekend builders, and diy specialists can build most small to medium sized gabion erosion control walls depending on size over several weekends. Meanwhile, its permeable structure allows runoff to pass and drain to avoid stress upon the wall.
So gabion retaining wall is generally applied to areas subjected to damages from fast moving water as solid block or concrete retaining walls may result in undermining.
Gabions are a proven method of halting river bank erosion, for both large rivers and small streams that are prone to flooding.
The gabions are palced on the outside of the river bank where most of the erosion control is required.

This gabion stone wall prevents erosion of the river bank, and incorporates a bench seat built into the wall to enjoy the river bank from. The river bank has been protected from erosion by placing the gabions to maximum advantage on the outside bend of the river. This design angles the gabions to deflect the river flow away from the river bank and reduces the risk of flood erosion damage to the river bank under the bridge. Erosion control methods vary, but gabions have proven there worth over time as being a low cost quick solution to river bank erosion. Rock selection for gabion erosion control is critical for the river bank protection to preform forthe designed of the life of the gabion erosion method. No need to be built on an reinforced concrete footing, the flood wall is built directly onto the river bed preventing further erosion. The design uses different sized gabions building a river crossing that can take large vehicles. Despite the size of the gabions, the engineer has designed a curved erosion wall to help resist forces of nature. Gabion walls are heavy, and therefore able to resist the river during flood, different methods of flood control are needed depending on the site conditions.
For larger gabion erosion control walls, you can get a quotes from, local landscapers, small earthworks contractors and specialist flood protection contractors, who have both the machinery and experience to build the larger gabion walls quickly for you. Any river erosion system needs to be designed to cope with the expected peak river flood volumes, as this is when most damage to river banks and their erosion protection measures occurs. This erosion control method is a simple and cost effective solution to river bank Erosion Contol problems. This gabion wall is able to deflect the river and protect the river bank from being damaged during peak flood events. Because the gabions are porous, they are able to diffuse the rivers energy when in flood are protect the river bank from being eroded away. The engineers design place the erosion protection below the rivers predicted maximum scour depth. Gabion baskets come in a variety of sizes, and it is also possible to build a curved erosion wall. The gabion erosion wall has been given extra height at the expected location of maximum river flood, By using different gabion erosion basket sizes that can be purchased online. Site access, to the river makes it possible to build the gabion erosion barriers on site, material and labour costs, all influence the final gabion wall cost. Experienced contractors may also assist with the flood control design and have design ideas, based on local knowledge and experience to ensure your river erosion control project is a success. Also, determining the rate of movement of a retaining wall is impossible from a one-time visit.

Flood events are often described as 1 in 100yr floods or 1 in 50yrs floods, and any river bank protection system needs to be able to cope with these flood events. The engineer has designed a flood erosion wall that is both structural and aesthetic for this river bank barrier. This is good engineering and prevents the river from eroding away under the gabions, and the river bank failing. It may not be possible to build other types of erosion protection walls on poor load bearing soils such silt and clay but this is not a problem for gabion erosion walls. The heavey duty 4.5mm welded wire mesh provides strong river crossing around the piped culvert. Larger gabions can be used around bridge abutments and bridge piers, gabions are able to use cheaper stones thereby reducing the river bank protection costs. The erosion method is easy for the DIYer to build, and no spercial tools are required to assemble a river bank protection system.
A geotech fabric is required behind the gabion walls to prevent the fine soils of the river bank being eroded away during floods, the drainage system required behind this type of erosion wall needs carefull design by an engineer. To prevent extreme floods damaging the erosion prevention walls, with this construction method you can also build curved erosion walls. Once retaining walls begin to move, they rarely stop, although movement may be slow and seasonal. Looking at a cross-section through the wall, the wall would look like an inverted “T.” The bottom portion of the inverted “T” is buried beneath the soil. The portion of the “T” under the high side of the wall uses the weight of the soil to resist movement of the wall.
The portion of the “T” protruding under the soil on the low side of the wall keeps it from tilting forward. Cantilevered retaining walls extend below the frost line in cold climates to prevent heaving.Pile wallsPiles walls have vertical members driven into the soil. Open-wall systems with wood timbers, for example, have enough natural openings that drainage holes are not needed.Minor repairs to retaining walls can be done by the homeowner.
Retaining walls are often poorly built and can be very expensive to repair or replace.From “The Home Reference Book, the Encyclopedia of Homes” by Carson Dunlop.

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