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Retaining structures hold back soil or other loose material where an abrupt change in ground elevation occurs.
The design involves two major steps: the first one is the evaluation of the stability of the whole structure under the service loads, which includes the overturning and sliding failure modes, and the second one is the design of the different components, such as the stem, heel, toe and key, for bending and shear, under the combined factored loads. As an example, consider a concrete retaining wall with a 16-ft high stem that holds a 14-ft high backfill, which is sloped 10 degrees. The program checks the wall stability for the service combined loads and performs the concrete design of the stem, toe, heel and key for the factored combined loads.

ASDIP Retain generates a graphical view of the designed retaining wall and the resulting pressures and forces, as shown. Note that the factored shear forces are calculated in each component, and then they are compared to the corresponding design shear strength. The cantilever is the most common type of retaining wall and is used for walls in the range of 10 to 25 ft in height. It performs the concrete design based on the Ultimate Strength Design Method of the ACI 318, and the masonry design per the MSJC.

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