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This project started with the removal of rotting railroad tie retaining walls along the driveway.
This two-sided free standing wall system's unique design can be used in many different applications.
VERSA-LOK wall block allows for splitting the back 2 inches off the block and stacking such that a split texture face is now on both sides.
The installation information demonstrates how to successfully install retaining walls, two-sided patio seating walls, and privacy fencing.
These walls should be installed by an AB Certified Contractor.You can get a list of contractors form your local manufacturer.

Garden walls are typoically smaller projects like tree rings, garden planters and flower beds.
The front walkway and steps were also replaced with segmental retaining wall block and interlocking concrete pavers.
As a Titusville area harddscape design - build contractor, we specialize in using pavers, retaining wall block and other decorative concrete materials, drainage correction, and low maintenance landscapes. Select the application for your project, and learn step by step details on how to plan, design and build with Allan Block. Not designed for the weekend warrior, you will want a AB Certified Contractor to install AB Fence for you.

VERSA-LOK's Mosaic pattern design uses their Accent block which back-to-front taper is not compatible with free standing wall construction at this time. A French Drain provides an enhanced environment for drain tile and can be visually appealing in the landscape.

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