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We install either a wall anchor system or helical tieback system along the retaining wall to reinforce the structure.
Signs of a failing retaining wall are usually easy to identify, as shown in the different examples below. A separating retaining wall may have not been designed to withstand the weight that actually bears on the wall. Retaining walls can crumble for a wide variety of reasons, most related to improper design of the walls itself. Concrete retaining walls may also have been designed with inadequate steel rebar, resulting in insufficient strength. To repair retaining walls, we at Ohio Basement Authority typically recommend either wall anchors or helical tiebacks to restore structural integrity. Both wall repair techniques use a strong steel wall bracket on the exterior of the retaining wall to brace the wall and properly distribute the anchor's clamping pressure.
With both wall anchors and helical tiebacks, your foundation repair contractor will also attempt to return the wall to its original position, restoring its appearance and structural integrity. Wall anchors accomplish this by driving an anchor rod through 1" holes driven into the retaining wall. Helical anchors are installed from the exposed face of the retaining wall, through a hole cut in the wall. This includes situations where rocky soil is an issue, or when space restrictions make auguring a hole beyond the retaining wall an impractical solution. Like other solutions for structural issues, you will encounter many options for repairing your retaining wall.
Our wall anchor systems are designed with galvanized steel to help protect from rust and corrosion.
Unless the retaining wall is showing extensive deterioration, removing the walls and rebuilding them should not be a necessary step.
Removing and rebuilding a retaining wall is an expensive, time-consuming process that typically involves heavy equipment, major excavation, extra labor, and the loss of valuable landscaping features. Retaining wall anchors are exposed to the elements -- both in the soil and on the wall plates themselves. We recommend installing wall anchors made with galvanized steel -- with a written warranty that stands by the product for decades to come. At Ohio Basement Authority, we provide warrantied solutions for retaining wall repair throughout Ohio. We proudly serve Ohio areas such as Lancaster, Newark, Westerville, Chillicothe, Marion, Dublin, Zanesville, Delaware, Reynoldsburg, Hilliard, Grove City, Athens, Pickerington, Mount Vernon, Marysville, Powell, Circleville, Washington Court House, London, Ironton, Galloway, Urbana, Pataskala, Marietta, Portsmouth and nearby. Ohio Basement Authority is in no way affiliated with Buckeye Foundation Systems; a former dealer of Basement Systems, Inc. Retaining Wall Block Guys in Ohio ensures that you come across top quality standards in an exclusive fashion because of which you realize multiple features with optimum ease. Multiple benefits are obtained from Retaining Wall Block Guys because of which you come across all those aspects that you expect on an additional basis. Retaining Wall Block Guys in Ohio proves to be the most effective solution to you irrespective of the situations in which you are.

Retaining Wall Block Guys in Ohio unleashes a wide range of features with the inclusion of top quality standards that you prefer in an exact manner that you consider.
Many trees and shrubs make great additions to your Columbus softscape border, such as the Japanese Maple pictured here. Archadeck of Columbus realizes that knowledgeable and thoughtful plant selection, soil criteria and averting water runoff are key factors in creating an environmentally friendly softscape. In this 2nd installment in our 3-part series on softscapes, Archadeck of Columbus discusses site conditions for your softscape design plan. Archadeck of Columbus realizes that knowledgeable and thoughtful plant selection, soil criteria and site conditioning are key factors in creating a functional and attractive softscape. Contact Archadeck of Columbus to find out more about creating an outdoor oasis in your backyard with all the trimmings.
We further add aesthetic sense to the wall by landscaping it with ornamental creepers and flowering plants. If you have been thinking about constructing a wall around your house then look no further.
Basement walls are also a type of retaining wall -- and similar repair options are available for both. More simply, retaining walls are used to hold back soil and substrate from moving due to the effects of gravity and erosion.
If water accumulates behind the wall, this additional weight can cause clay soils to expand, leading to cracks and tilting. Poor drainage and inadequate reinforcement or connection to the adjacent wall are other possible causes. In the case of concrete retaining walls, the issue may be inadequate, weak, or poorly mixed concrete. These rods are connected to earth anchors that are placed within augured holes within the soil beyond the retaining wall. However, in some cases, wall anchor installation is not a possibility, and helical anchor installation must be considered. This will lower the property value possibly lead to early failure of the wall anchor system. For homeowners interested in learning more about their unique problem, we offer free, written retaining wall repair quotes at no obligation. However, Ohio Basement Authority is the authorized Basement Systems, Inc dealer for the Greater Columbus Area. Retaining Wall Block Guys in Ohio will prove to be most effective to you in several ways with perfect quality standards maintained on an overall. Excellent concepts from Retaining Wall Block Guys in Ohio that you include in this regard too will ensure that you enable the premium standards in a precise fashion without allowing you to go through any complicated situations. Archadeck of Columbus is well-versed in which plants require minimal input to deliver maximum output over time.
We have a wealth of knowledge in all the different types of wall systems from engineered stone, natural stone, wood timbers and decorative stones.
At Creative Earthspaces we completely understand this aspect and create the perfect walls for your home.

Retaining walls are typically designed out of concrete, stone, wood (including railroad ties), vinyl, masonry, steel, or brick.
In unusual cases, expansive soils may also cause a retaining wall to separate from an adjoining wall. After closing the hole in the retaining wall, a wall plate is installed and a nut is tightened over the protruding threaded rod to brace the wall. Special deals that are announced upon the latest offers involving diverse range of Retaining Wall Blocks will prove to be most effective to you.
Comprehensive maintenance of highways with Retaining Wall Blocks cemented either sides will result in picturesque looks as well.
Experiencing a renewed approach towards the construction of walls with major blocks with perfect retaining capacity will bring in more solidity with optimum ease. Prior understanding about the construction of various structures involving Retaining Wall Blocks will result in generating more experience for you. The area that encompasses central Ohio works well with plant selections that are suitable for alkaline environments. We can create beds on a flatter surface and use hardscapes, such as retaining walls, to solve grade issues at your site.
Whether it be a 5ft tall retaining wall or a decorative wall around your landscape bed, you can rest assure we will install your wall with a proper footer, drainage and according to the manufacturers specs.
We have an eclectic range of designs, right from a rustic-looking wall to contemporary and modern ones.
Archadeck of Columbus embraces the use of environmental guidelines for responsible landscaping in all of our softscape designs and installations.
There are many ways to go about doing this, you can spend countless hours researching the best plants for your specific area and best site conditions for your specific landscape or you can hire an outdoor living professional who caters to providing softscapes while promoting environmental sustainability — like Archadeck of Columbus. Perennials such as Coral Bells, Day lilies, Iris, Astilbe, Hosta, Japanese Fern and Maiden Bells are really hardy in the Columbus area. Considering the wide range, it takes time and effort to create a perfect wall that suits the design and style of your home and garden. Azaleas perform well in Eastern Ohio, but in Central and Western Ohio the soil contains too much clay for Azaleas to thrive.
Once you give us the responsibility, we offer end-to-end wall solutions for your home and garden. We are located in Columbus, Ohio, but have also been serving the surrounding areas, such as Dublin, Groveport, Bexley and Whitehall, for over a decade.
Our workers are skilled and highly trained to take up all kinds of challenges and construct the perfect wall that suits your taste and budget.
For this very reason Archadeck of Columbus has entered into helping homeowners finish off their deck or outdoor structure by offering landscaping preparation and installation.

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