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In this era of media communication, it is important to understand that landscape architects and designers do not need recipes to develop a project.
It is the combination of context and human intervention that determines the character of a place and its landscape.
Booth, FASLA is a registered landscape architect, photographer, outdoor enthusiast, and professor emeritus at The Ohio State University where he taught landscape architectural design and site planning courses for 31 and half years at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

It is his belief that good landscape design is a hands-on craft that is founded on a thorough understanding of fundamental design principles and theories. His various writings have evolved directly from classroom lectures and studio teaching where comprehensible language accompanied by clear graphic illustrations and photographs where essential to communicating and learning landscape architectural design.Residential Landscape Architecture (coauthored with James Hiss) is in its 6th edition (published April 2011) and features color graphics and photographs throughout the book.
There a numerous other changes throughout the book.Foundations of Landscape Architecture was published (November 2011) and is Booth's most recent work.

The book is intended as an introductory text for landscape architecture though the practitioner will find numerous design examples and fundamental design principles to refresh one's approach to design.

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