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Whether you're buying your first home or want to make some significant changes to your current home's yard, the top landscaping software must give you a wide range of tools and a simple user interface. This landscaping software allows you to create full 3D landscapes and to design landscapes over a photograph of your yard. If you can't find an image you want in Realtime Landscaping Plus, you can find free objects in Google's 3D Warehouse, which is easy to access.
Realtime Landscaping Plus 2014 has deck and panel-fence options, both of which are essential for a top-tier, backyard-landscape-design software system. See your landscape design ideas come to life with Realtime Landscaping Plus 2014.Design yards, gardens, houses, decks, fencing, patios, and much more. Realtime Landscaping Plus comes with over 5,100 highly detailed landscaping plants, including trees, shrubs, flowers, cactus, palms, and more. Realtime Landscaping Plus 2014 was designed from the ground up to be easy to use by anyone. The possibilities are endless with the wide variety of tools included in Realtime Landscaping Plus 2014. Realtime Landscaping Pro’s user-friendly design and wide range of features make it one of the best pieces of home design software. With Realtime Landscaping Pro, you can create realistic designs of homes, landscapes and decks. Using Realtime Landscaping Pro’s software, you can create a wide range of deck projects, from a simple deck to an elaborate multi-level deck.

Most pieces of deck design software come with extensive manuals that run close to 600 pages, including Realtime Landscaping Pro, so you have a lot of information at your disposal.
Using Realtime Landscaping Pro, you can create realistic renditions of your ideal deck design. Idea Spectrum's Realtime Landscaping Plus 2014 gives you thousands of objects, materials and plants without overburdening you with too many customization options and tools.
With several clicks of your mouse, you can set up Realtime cameras along the route you want displayed in your video. Realtime Landscaping Plus 2014 allows you to save the photos as they appear, with high or low contrast, or in an artistic style. Realtime Landscaping Plus 2014 has more than 4,000 high-resolution plant images, and the grass material rises above the sidewalk to give you a more realistic presentation. See how your garden designs will look over the years using the Plant Growth tool, and determine in advance how much room each plant will likely need.View your gardens in realistic 3D using the Realtime Walkthrough feature, and discover which plants fall under shadow throughout the day.
Unlike other landscaping software, no prior landscape design or CAD experience is required. Realtime Landscaping Plus includes some of the most powerful terrain sculpting tools available in any landscape design software. Simply open the list, enter prices for the different landscaping objects, and print the result. If you are not 100% satisfied with Realtime Landscaping Plus, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund.

With so many capabilities and a user-friendly interface, this deck design software earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award. Like most software, Realtime Landscaping Pro will upload your own floor plan traces into the program where you can change them into 3D images. Another nice feature of this landscaping software is that you can press undo and redo as many times as you'd like until you get your landscape to look exactly the way you want it.
View your landscapes at night with realistic lighting and shadows using the Realtime Walkthrough feature. Realtime Landscaping Pro has a simple interface and easy-to-use software specifically designed for do-it-yourself home designers. Realtime Landscaping Plus 2014 gives you the tools to create a smooth and professional presentation of your dream yard.
Whether you're a pro landscaper or a novice looking to increase your home's value through landscaping, you'll find Realtime Landscaping Plus 2014's features useful and rewarding. Expect to spend around $2,000, plus another required monthly fee for the updates, access to the Horticopia plant database and the help desk.
One of the other software companies made a deliberate business decision not to include that sort of capability, because they “didn’t want to give the customer too much power.” Of course, you could use Realtime Landscaping without Client Dream — it's just an option.

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