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Durable GreenBed are the most beautiful and unique raised bed of its kind on the market today. At 13.5” high, these beds are taller than most other raised bed designs on the market and allow for plenty of root space for veggies, flowers or bulbs.
The 2ft high raised bed is great for handicapped or physically constrained gardeners who benefit from a taller planting height. Perfect small raised bed especially for mature gardeners, designed for easy maintenance, letting you reach the center from any side and reduces bending over. Durable GreenBed kits provide gardeners across the US with an easier and better gardening experience.  Our raised garden beds are perfectly aligned with the healthy-living and eco-friendly demands of our customers. Raised bed gardening -- as its name suggests -- involves building **elevated garden beds above the regular soil line**. Build a raised bed in a spot that gets **full-sun exposure and has decent drainage.** A site where water pools is not ideal, according to Texas A&M System's AgriLife Extension. Nicole Vulcan has been a journalist since 1997, covering parenting and fitness for The Oregonian, careers for CareerAddict, and travel, gardening and fitness for Black Hills Woman and other publications.

You’ll love the flexibility of the tiered bed depths combined with the ease of raised bed gardening. One is that raised beds have **better drainage** than traditional gardens because raised beds' soil is loose and hasn't had time to get compacted.
Raised beds can be nearly any length, but in general, gardeners tend to make them only as wide as they can reach. Cut pieces of 4-inch-diameter perforated drain pipe to the length of the inside of your raised bed. They are green, made from 100% nontoxic and highly recycled materials and will out perform any wood, plastic, or metal raised garden bed — and last up to 25 years or more! New tiered design perfect for display gardens or for an educational and fun parent-child garden. When it's time to water that garden -- or really any garden, spare yourself the daily chore of hand-watering by building a self-watering system underground. A raised bed that is about **2 to 3 feet wide will allow you to weed it without having to reach much**. Add the soil mixture around the drain pipes' sides, and then place a piece of landscaping fabric over the top of the drain pipes before filling the rest of the raised bed with the soil mixture to about 1 inch from the bed's top.

That extra height also makes it **easier for gardeners to reach in and access the beds** at a comfortable level. With that extra elevation, it's **harder for weed seeds to blow in and take root**, which means you may not have to spend as much time bending over your raised bed to weed it.
Perhaps most importantly in drought-affected areas, raised beds help to conserve water, according to the University of California's Sonoma County Master Gardeners. Cut pieces of 2-inch-diameter plumbing pipe to a length that is a few inches longer than the height of your raised bed, and slide the pipes into the holes in the drain pipes so they point upward. It's time to add more water when you stick your finger about 1 inch into the raised bed's soil and the soil feels dry and crumbly.

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