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Other systems available that cost many hundreds of dollars more have specialized pipes, fittings, and filters that can clog up and stop working. So long are the days we have to lug the long garden hose around and spray each bed manually. I’m so excited about you coming over and doing this to my raised beds… hint hint!
Available for $20 at Home Depot, works wonderfully, according to gardener using it in southeastern Virginia. If you garden in raised beds, there is no improvement that will save you time and enhance results better than drip irrigation. The drip lines running the length of your beds connect at one end using solid feeder line and plastic connectors that insert into the tubing.
In addition to connecting your raised beds, solid feeder line also leads back to your faucet.
It’s worthwhile to read about drip irrigation, but better yet to take the first step to install your system. The first step was creating the frames for the beds, second step was the soil (more on that in another post), and the last step was planting our seeds.

A trip down the irrigation supply aisle at the garden center or hardware store can be overwhelming, especially if you don't have a precise plan and don't really know what you need. The time spent installing a drip irrigation system will be returned many times over in the first season alone, not to mention over the many years of use you should get out of a well-planned system made from durable materials. You simply roll the tubing off the coil, cut to size with heavy-duty scissors and install it in your beds. While the length of your beds is not critical when you determine the layout of your system, it is important to have the right number of lines running across the width of your bed.
You simply cut each line leaving the overall length of each line about 12” short of the total length of your beds. If you wish, a manual shut-off valve can be installed here so you can turn the water off any bedsthat aren’t in active use. A Y connector on your faucet will allow you to make a permanent connection to your raised beds and leaves the other side of the Y for a garden hose. We all suffer from inertia, but I can assure you, the time spent installing drip irrigation in your garden is time well spent. If you have a large garden, select a section where drip irrigation will give you the biggest bang for your buck, and then begin.

But a new product, called the Garden Grid, has the potential to make setting up a drip irrigation system a breeze, especially if you'd like to follow the Square Foot Gardening method.The Garden Grid, from Garden in Minutes, is a pre-configured drip irrigation system that is said to set up in just minutes, and is equally at home on garden beds in the ground as well as raised beds. Stay away from systems that require clamps and glue as these are unnecessarily complicated and no more effective. My type A (capitalized for emphasis) husband became determined to find a way to create an easy watering system.
The system was created as a result of a couple trying to set up drip lines in their Square Foot Garden and finding that not only did it look messy, but it wasn't nearly as effective as they thought it would be.The Garden Grid was designed as a way to make drip irrigation much simpler and more convenient for home gardeners, as all that's necessary to install it is to lay it out and connect it to a garden hose, with no need for cutting tubing and adding connectors or inserting emitters (or the use of soaker hoses). Too many lines and you will waste water, promote weeds and clutter the surface of the beds with unnecessary tubing. Since each pipe can serve two rows (one in each direction of absolute center) this system can easily sustain 12 or more rows with a standard house garden hose without a pump.

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