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New cedar constructed raised bed gardens are designed to create a garden anywhere in just minutes. Now that we are well into April, I’m really excited to share with you my home farming updates, which include the construction of our raised bed farm and seed planting. Being the adventurous, overachieving kind of person that I am, I chose to go outside the box so to speak and create an L-shaped raised bed farm to fit in the corner of our property.
Together, we simply pre-drilled 3 holes at the corners of each piece of lumber and used 3 screws (per corner) to join the frame, with the help of my daughters passing out screws of course.
During the construction process we questioned the ability of the frame to withstand the pressure the soil would place on it so we added braces to each corner to help provide support.
One thing we quickly learned through this process is that building a raised bed farm is without a doubt, a two person job!
In addition to the construction of our raised bed farm and seed planting, we also got a bit crafty with the addition of vegetable markers to not only help identify the vegetables and herbs we’re growing but to create a more visually appealing farm space.
These photos were really helpful as we are also going to try some raised beds in our yard this year.
It's easier to control both weeds and pests (see The Ultimate Kitchen Garden for tips for keeping slugs out of your raised beds) in raised beds. Above: Made from FSC-certified cedar by a Los Angeles-based company, the MinifarmBox 4-foot Square Raised Bed Kit and the MinifarmBox 4-by-8-foot Raised Garden Kit are $158 and $378 respectively at Grow Organic.
Easy Growing Raised Garden BedsEasy Growing Raised Garden BedsThese four square raised beds give gardeners easy access for growing and tending fresh herbs, vegetables and flowers.
I offer this gallery of raised bed garden designs to encourage you to start your own raised bed vegetable garden.
This raised bed design can be universally adapted for any length, width, and height you choose. This is the most popular raised bed design throughout the community gardens run by Denver Urban Gardens, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting gardening and healthy eating in the greater Denver area.They build these because they are indestructible over time, they can be built high enough for wheelchair accessibility, and they are rock-solid beautiful.
For more details visit these related articles:Raised Bed Garden KitsThe fastest way to get up and growing is with a raised bed garden kit.
It’s an inexpensive addition to the raised bed frame that just may save you a disaster later on!

Compared to buying bagged soil, we saved over $300 and filled our raised bed with premium, black top soil. Here's a collection of pre-made (for us hammer-shy types) raised garden beds, all made of long-wearing, mold-resistant cedar. It is also easy to extend its growing time by placing a cold frame over the raised garden bed (see Cold Frames in the Garden). Designed to simplify the process of assembling a raised bed garden, the Scout Regalia Raised Bed Garden Kit includes all the hardware needed to build a raised bed. Similar to the 4x4 bed described in #2, they are held together by rebar rods that go all the way top-to-bottom through the tiers. They are strong extruded aluminum, and all you have to do is screw the boards into the corners through pre-drilled holes on the inside.
While we were finishing the last few corners, it was necessary to have one person bend and hold a board in place while the other person drilled and placed the screws. Our biggest money saving purchase, especially with a raised bed farm of this size, is to skip buying the bagged soil.
Also, with the advice from Home Farming expert, Paul James, we are adding organic matter to prepare our raised bed soil properly. Be sure to check out my posts as well as the other bloggers participating in this challenge on Better Homes and Garden’s Home Farming Challenge page. Hubby made us a raised bed a couple of years ago and it is a square and that center is a stretch to get to sometimes. Second, raised beds offer healthy and easily controlled soil conditions with better aeration and drainage. Most raised beds are no more than 4 feet wide, a good choice for small spaces and a size you can reach into without stepping in. You can even combine design ideas, once you get a feel for how things are put together.The sides of a raised bed vegetable garden are under a lot of pressure because of the weight of all the soil, water, and plants pushing against it. The higher bed was built first (minus the flat 2x6 "bench" on top), and then the shorter bed in the front was added on, using the higher bed as its back wall.The corners are joined by a hidden 4x4 on the inside corners, into which the sides are fastened with long deck screws. This raised bed is sold by Grower's Supply Company (aka FarmTek), and it is truly inexpensive (4'x10' for $99), durable, a snap to put up (and take down if you have to move), and functional.

Available in many different designs, raised bed garden kits also come in different sizes and depths to fit your needs. Many contractors and farmers have premium garden soil for sale that can be purchased by the truckload at a much more reasonable price. The kit includes powder coated heavy gauge steel corner and center brackets, screws and instructions; $95. They will not hold the corners together over time under the pressure of all the soil, water and plants pushing outward. Some concrete block is made of straight cement and aggregate, and this kind would be fine for a raised bed vegetable garden.Some "cinder block", however, is made with slag, which is mining waste. This article is a side-by-side comparison of the best.Raised Bed CornersIf you want to use local lumber but don’t have much in the way of tools, you can buy pre-made corners to join your lumber together. This is less expensive than buying kits, and allows you to make your raised bed garden any width or length. It can contain metal oxides and sulfides which can leach into the garden and end up in your vegetables (not a good thing.)If you like this design, I would recommend finding a reputable masonry supply store or quality lumber yard which will know the source of its concrete block.
All you need is a screwdriver!Raised Bed ConstructionNo matter what design of raised bed garden you choose to build, observe these construction details which hold true for all raised bed construction. By following these simple do's and don'ts you can build a custom raised bed any width and length you choose, out of 2x6s, 2x8s, 4x4s, 4x6s or any other sturdy lumber.French Intensive Raised Bed GardenThere is another type of raised bed, too: one with no frame at all! This is the way I have been gardening most of my life, and it is called double-dug, French intensive raised bed gardening. You can watch a You Tube video showing how to use the method, if you would like to compare it with framed raised beds.Raised Strawberry BedEveryone loves raised beds, and everyone loves strawberries.

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