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Raised beds can be placed directly on top of existing lawns, so there is no need to dig up the grass. Crop rotation is easier to carry out and keep track of where you have three or four beds. Where soil is poor or stony, or otherwise unfriendly to vegetables, you can fill the raised beds with imported soil, or more easily amend the existing soil with compost, and so on. If you want your timber raised beds to last, use right-angled metal brackets to fix the sides together.
If you grow the same kinds of vegetables in the same beds year after year, pests and diseases can build up, and specific nutrients are depleted.

Although it is more time-consuming and expensive to build beds, or to get them built, there is a great feeling of satisfaction in having your crops all shipshape and organised in smart compartments. Make the beds as long as you like, but don’t forget you’ll have to walk around them to get to the other side. However, the organic organisation, the Soil Association, accepts timber preserved with Tanalith E (also known as Tanalised E), if the wood is treated and allowed to dry properly before the beds are built. There are many different crop rotation systems, with vegetables categorised into various groupings. You can build raised beds from bricks or stones – but remember, slugs and snails may hide out in the crevices of the latter.

In the US, the timber for vegetable beds is sometimes treated with linseed oil, but I have not seen it used here.

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