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But you may find brambles, such as blackberries and raspberries, difficult or impossible to confine to small garden beds as they spread vigorously through their underground root systems.
Vining fruit, such as grapes, can grow large, but you can control them to fit within small trellises by doing regular summer pruning. Day-neutral strawberries also usually produce fewer runners, which makes them easier to control in small beds and containers.
I love having fresh strawberries available every week for months on end, but it means that I need to harvest from my plants at least 2-3 times a week throughout the whole growing season. I also had a terrible time trying to keep one of my June-bearer varieties within a small bed, as the 50 plants produced literally hundreds of runners. When I am ready to start a fresh bed of strawberries, I allow a few runners to take root in the old bed (if the plants are looking healthy), and then transplant those young plants into the new beds.
Blueberry bushes are attractive enough for you to include in an edible landscape, but they are pretty picky about their soil requirements, so I usually prepare a separate bed just for them. If your blueberry bushes develop chlorotic leaves like these, have the soil tested for pH levels or nutrient deficiencies.
Though our raspberry plants were very productive, they wouldn’t stay in their 50-square-foot bed.

This is a young 2-year-old grapevine, pruned to fit on a 5 foot high and 4 foot wide trellis. If you are interested in growing grapevines in containers, Stella Otto in The Backyard Berry Book: A Hands-On Guide to Growing Berries, Brambles, and Vine Fruit in the Home Garden offers two pages of details on how to do that. I prefer to grow seedless grapes, but I noticed during my research that I was able to find many more disease-resistant varieties for seeded grapes.
If you want to grow a miniature fruit garden, planting berries and grapes is a great way to get started, and they easily fit in small spaces. The other advantage for having a separate blueberry bed is that you can cover all the bushes with one piece of bird netting when the berries start ripening. If you have clay soil, fill a raised bed with loam or sandy soil, and blend a generous amount of peat moss into it. This family of plants loves to spread and can be very difficult to keep confined to small beds.
Plant the grapevine in the middle of the bed, and train two vines from the main trunk, one up each trellis. The best way to deal with diseases organically is by selecting disease-resistant varieties, providing the vines with adequate ventilation, and following good sanitation rules.

If you want to grow brambles, give them lots of elbow room, well away from other plants or garden beds.
There are highbush varieties suited for the north (zones 4-7), and other highbush types that will thrive in the south (zones 7-9). If your climate is borderline for this fruit, try giving your plants some afternoon shade and a good layer of mulch around the roots, and keep their soil moist. You should be able to harvest somewhere between 16 and 32 bunches of grapes from this one tiny bed. Even though I carefully mowed around the patch every month, they still managed to spread their roots into a flower bed over 20 feet away! In this kind of situation, using organic sprays for disease control may help save your grapes. I am currently experimenting in pruning the bushes in different ways in an effort to make the harvest easier for me.

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