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This entry was posted in How to's and tagged building a PVC frame, cold weather protection, deer protection, Raised bed protector by Charlotte. The most effective methods I have used over the years to protect my gardens have involved using barriers, such as solid, well-designed fences, netting, and cages. We installed a black 7-foot-tall high-quality deer fence around our back yard with our flower beds and mini fruit garden.
However, we ended up having to add a metal rabbit fence to the outside of the bottom of the deer fence.
My friend had a stubborn groundhog that kept climbing their garden gate to enter her garden.
The bottom six inches of the fence lies flat on the ground, to discourage deer from crawling underneath.

Our wild rabbits had chewed their own doorways through the tough plastic of the deer fence within 2 weeks of installing it!
I had a friend use that method with a groundhog that kept climbing the gate on her garden’s deer fence. She had installed her deer fencing rather loose and floppy instead of stretched firmly between the posts, but the gate was rigid enough for the animal to climb easily.
And, the smaller your garden, the fewer bites it takes for a rabbit or deer to raze your garden to the ground! Simple rabbit fencing (close spacing of wires near the bottom, with wider spacing near the top) does a great job of keeping rabbits away from my garden plants.
We haven’t had a single deer breach the fence in three years, though they come to feed on fallen fruit from an old apple tree right outside the fence.

We had to add a metal rabbit fence outside the bottom of the deer fence, as the rabbits chewed their way through the tough plastic deer fence within 2 weeks of installation!
She added an extra layer of deer fencing that flopped over on the outside of the gate to block it.
I have even seen people use it to keep deer or rabbits from eating their crops, though you have to secure it well to prevent the rabbits from slipping underneath or the deer from just pushing it off the plants. When I set a cold frame (without the cover) on top of the bed frame, the rabbits were faced with a solid 16 inch high barrier.

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