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This post looks at the benefits of a cold frame and shows you our clever design for transforming a raised bed into a cold frame in mere minutes.
I was also hugely inspired by the book the Year Round Veggie Gardener by Canadian garden writer Niki Jabbour.
A cold frame is certainly more affordable than a buying a full greenhouse, yet offers many of the same advantages. I was amazed to see how other gardeners managed to to extend the gardening season with the use of a cold frame.

For those in the northern states the gardening season seems like it may never start, and it's just too short for some long season warm weather vegetables like okra or some melons. And last spring the herbs sprouting new growth over a month ahead of the rest of the garden. These additional heat sources can be as varied as a simple resistance wire electric heater to situating the bed over a manure pile.A cold frame can be made from a wide range of construction materials. Probably the simplest might be to stack bales of hay around the bed, and to place a discarded window over the bales of hay.

Others are large raised beds that actually are designed to stay in place the whole gardening season, with a removable cover that is only there during the colder days of the growing season.Cold frames can also be used to help perennials over winter in colder temperatures. Cold frames are a great addition to any gardeners set of tools, and can either be made or purchased in a size to fit your specific gardening needs.

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