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EZ-Gro™ fabric gardens allow for “air pruning.” In pots or planters, plant roots grow up to the edge and start to circle around the inside of the pot or raised bed, where the plants can become pot-bound, resulting in poor growth and an increased likelihood of disease.
A vinyl shower curtain or table cloth would be the perfect cover for this when it is not in use. We have already discussed some of the benefits of raised bed gardening, but today I would like to add a few more that you may not have thought about.  We know that a raised bed garden provides improved soil, easy access and simplified weed and pest control, but some other benefits include improved drainage and increased yields as well as all of the above mentioned benefits. A round raised bed garden made out of landscaping stones.  Check out the rain barrel as well! Lining your raised bed with hardware cloth to prevent critters from digging in from underneath.

Raised bed garden with screened A frame.  Would be easy to throw plastic over this as well.
So I think this gives you enough to think about for one post!  Next time I will discuss the drainage and yield aspects of raised bed gardens.  Stay tuned!
Just unfold it on any level surface, yard, deck or patio, fill with soil, and you have an Instant Organic Garden!
Often, the gardener must remove a plant from a pot and prune the roots for healthier growth.
In a fabric garden the roots grow to the outside edge of the bed, sense the presence of air, and stop growing on their own.

You can move your garden on your property if you decide there’s a better space, or if you relocate, you can take your garden with you. This is very important because oxygen is essential to plant growth and in a traditional raised bed garden, some soils don’t offer good air flow.

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