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Make your yard the envy of the neighborhood all season long with Clover Landscape regular lawn maintenance services in Falmouth.
Services provided in Lawrence, Kansas: Innovative Landscape Design, Quality Garden Construction, Landscape Maintenance, Stone Patio, Brick Patio, Stone Retaining Wall, Irrigation, Drainage, Landscape Lighting, Cedar Fence, Pergola, and Ipe Deck Construction. Our landscape design-build firm takes pride in offering high quality services to homeowners in Lawrence and surrounding Douglas county areas!
Natural stone integrated into a well designed planting plan are key indicators of quality and durability.
WelcomeWhen it comes to the beauty and elegance of your residential, commercial, or industrial landscape, there simply is no match for the services of Quality Landscape And Maintenance.
Remember, here at Quality Landscape And Maintenance, your convenience is one of our highest priorities. Landscape maintenance is a year-round’ job that requires time, tools and a lot of know how. Our programs for residential and commercial landscape maintenance are designed to provide the proper service or treatment at the proper time of year.

At Quality Land Management (QLM), our motto is "Enjoy life - let us worry about your lawn!" And we mean it!
We work with residential and commercial properties, customizing your maintenance services to meet your needs.
We exercise a caring approach to create gardens that are both low maintenance and long to our environment. Our experienced landscape contractors are ready to show you that no job is too big or too small for our level of expertise.
With this in mind, be sure to ask for one of our FREE estimates!Here at Quality Landscape And Maintenance, we intend to provide much more than basic landscaping. Quality Land Management has been maintaining residential and commercial customers in Middle Tennessee since 1992. Our team of trained, qualified, certified professionals knows what it takes to keep your landscape healthy and looking good. From repair to installation, service to general landscaping, we have the experience to overcome any obstacle in our goal to make your home or office look perfect.

Therefore, we are able to design and install the highest quality work at prices that are competitive.
By acting as your general contractor for large jobs, we can tightly control quality, workmanship, and scheduling. Protect your investment while creating a beautiful place to relax and live.We excel in the art of designing beautiful landscapes that require much less upkeep and maintenance than conventional landscapes!
Our landscape projects contain a mix of native and exotic plants that are adapted to your local landscape environment.

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