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It is one thing to put a pool in, but quite another to make the area surrounding your pool a lifestyle-enriching destination that draws you and your family and friends outside at every opportunity.
Of course, your needs may not desire everything a resort-style pavilion offers… It might be a selection of the above mentioned elements to create an idyllic retreat-style poolside garden. You can guarantee that you'll find the majority of Australians on the Mornington Peninsula are either around the barbeque or in the swimming pool on the hot summer weekends.
Richard Robertson is licenced with the Victorian Building Authority for structural landscaping, a member of the Professional Industry body 'Landscaping Victoria', a Master Builder's Master Tradesman, Richard Robertson is also currently (Feb 2014) the only Southern Peninsula Landscaper to be fully Licenced and Registered by the Victorian Building Authority for structural landscaping as a DBL (Domestic Builder Limited).
If you are looking for a professional in pool surrounds on the Mornington Peninsula – call us on 0419594214.
Earthy tones and a negative edge result in a modern pool design that beautifully harmonises with the picturesque landscape.
Perched atop a gorgeous coastal hillside in the Mornington Peninsula, this pool is beautifully complemented by the rural views and expansive nature that encase the property.

This clever design ensures that nothing detracts from the scenic delight and provides a peaceful backdrop for when the pool owners wish to entertain guests. Water tanks, a Premium Sunbather solar heating system and a Sunbather automatic slat cover minimise evaporation and maintain water temperature, keeping the water an inviting and comfortable temperature, no matter what the weather may be and ensuring that this pool is environmentally viable. Aquarius Pools also fitted the pool with advanced technology to guarantee easy maintenance. Using the latest technology, Aquarius Pools succeeded in producing a modern pool that perfectly harmonises with its surrounds and remains practical, functional, and family friendly.
Constructed by Aquarius Pools, the final result was designed to be practical all year round and fun for the whole family.
The negative edge and near-invisible frameless glass fencing allows the design to blend seamlessly into the landscape, giving those in the pool area uninterrupted panoramic views of Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay.
That same year, Aquarius Pools won also won the national award for the Best Commercial Pool over $250,000 and Most Sustainable Pool. A swimming pool is a great investment and will add value not only to your lifestyle but also to the value of your property.

Richard Robertson will create a swimming pool design with the perfect surround and landscaping that works perfectly with your site constraints, your lifestyle and budget, as well as the council and waterboard regulations.
Not only can he handle the entire pool project from concept, design, permit, excavation and pool construction including the surround but also any decking, protective fencing, pathways, retaining walls, privacy screens and landscaping that need to be done to ensure your pool is safe and perfectly integrated into your garden. If you have the site and the view then a disappearing edge pool might be a more creative option. He'll create a swimming pool surround and landscape and garden design that's easy to maintain.

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