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Aquatic Pools masterful designers can create a poolscape specifically tailored to your central Mississippi backyard, style preferences, and family’s needs.
This gallery contains images of projects from areas we build swimming pools and spas in such as Jackson, Madison, Hattiesburg, Vicksburg, Brandon and central Mississippi.
From modest, to extravagant, this collection of swimming pool photos represents only a very small sample of the pool designs that Aquatic Pools build. Think of the money that you’ll save now that you don’t have to purchase a membership to your local community pool or take trips to the beach. On top of this, a backyard pool gives your friends and family a place to hang out, relax and catch up with one another. Now is the perfect time to design your dream backyard, complete with a pool or spa, and maximize your outdoor living space at the same time.Lower Financing CostsLook at it this way, you can include the cost of your new swimming pool in your first mortgage, and take advantage of the lower interest rate. Compare this to the interest rate and additional expenses involved in other methods of financing a pool. You’ll pay less money for your pool – even with 30 years of compounded interest – than you would if you waited until the house was built and purchased the pool on an installment plan.Harmonious Construction ProjectsConstruction projects always mean that dirt and dust get everywhere, even if the majority of it is taking place outside in the yard.

You can avoid all of this by having your swimming pool constructed at the same time as your house.
By having both your house and the pool under construction at the same time, you’ll have fewer headaches and annoyances.Time-savingBecause your swimming pool or spa is being constructed at the time as your new house, you’ll be able to enjoy it sooner. If you wait until the house is done to build the pool, it could be a 6 to 12 week wait before you find yourself relaxing poolside.More Home EnjoymentTurn the backyard of your dream home into an oasis.
With the right combination of swimming pool, spa, deck, or even water feature, you’ll want to lounge outside and enjoy the weather more often.
We are licensed installers of Pebble Tec products, and have many different resurfacing options available for you to choose from.Waterline TileSimply changing the tiles around the waterline of your pool can give it an entirely different look. If you upgrade your pool considerably, they might be inadequate and unable to handle the new volume of water. No matter what, it is always a good idea to upgrade your swimming pools filters and pumps as part of the remodeling job. We have dozens of different ceramic tiles to choose from in both standard colors and stone-finishes.Add a sun shelf A sun shelf typically sits on the side of your pool under about 6 inches of water.

It’s a great place to lounge or play on.Add swim-up seating There are a number of different types of swim-up seating available for your pool. They are classic and will never go out of style.Decking For a truly customized backyard, consider having a deck or patio built around your pool.
Its increased strength and durability are practically unmatched.Upgraded plaster with quartz If you want your pool to look like a masterpiece, choose this finish. Plus, the salt produced by these systems is far more gentle than standard chlorine.Ozone systems If you’re sensitive to chlorine or simply want to use less of it, then you need a pool with an ozone generator. These greatly reduce your chlorine demand by around 60% and lower your operating costs in the process.Filters If you hate cleaning your pool on a regular basis, then you need a high-capacity filter that only needs to be changed once a season.

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