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As with all aspects of your overall backyard design, planning is critical for a successful koi pond.
Backyard Design Ideas - Proudly serving the Lake Norman area of Central North Carolina including the following towns and counties; Mooresville, Troutman, Charlotte, Statesville, Mt. You need to design it to blend into and beautify your backyard, but you also have to keep in mind that you are designing a biological ecosystem. Take the time to plan carefully and you and your family will enjoy your pond for years to come. Determine how much of your yard you can dedicate to a pond, and determine how much money you can budget to the project (including filtration, pumps, fish, plants, etc.). Bigger is better, but your mechanical filtration system should be capable of filtering no less than 10% of the pond in water volume.

One is submersible and the other is mounted near the pond but outside of the water, usually called a recirculating pump. Still, plants are important for the overall health of your pond, and they make the area much more appealing aesthetically as well.
While not quite like a new puppy, taking care of koi and the pond they live in is a great hobby for many people.
Some portion of the pond needs to be at least 3 feet deep, although 4 to 6 feet deep is better. Also, large trees have large roots and those large roots can cause large problems with your pond.
Recirculating pumps are better for larger ponds, due their higher water movement abilities, as well as their increased efficiency and longer life.

You can also have an area of heavy foilage in a part of your pond that is seperate from the fish area if you have room. You'll need a net to remove any leaves or other debris that falls into the pond at least daily during that time of the year, in addition to keeping the skimmer filters cleaned off.
This area should be at least 10% of the size of the koi pond, but one third of the size is better.

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