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Add a little nightlife to your landscape with flowers and foliage that give off beautiful fragrances. By transforming your flower garden into a magical nighttime wonderland, you can get the most out of not just the summer days, but the nights as well. Choose an area where you can relax and enjoy your night garden, such as on a patio, garden path or near a water feature.
Use subtle and soft lighting such as tiny white Christmas lights on strings or the smaller, newly introduced “Fairy Lights” which are specially designed for gardens. Night gardens are an easy way to delight the senses and indulge in your garden in an entirely different fashion.

If you do not have many light flowers in your existing garden, you can easily achieve the effect by adding potted flowers and plants such as jasmine, petunias and white roses. Weave strings of lights around a garden arbor, trellis, potting shed, statue, small tree or near a water feature to draw the eye to a focal point and illuminate surrounding areas and walkways or consider strategically placed solar lights for a quick and easy, cord-free light source.
A small fountain or table top water feature can further enhance the mood of a night garden by evoking memories of a babbling brook or trickling stream. What better way to enjoy a summer night than by relaxing outside under the stars, as the moonlight’s soft glow illuminates leaves and petals and the heavy scents of night blooming flowers compliment the delicate evening sounds of nature.
In 2010 she began writing her own gardening column “The Master Gardener’s Notebook” for Tourist News.

You can easily transform any garden space into a night garden by adding a few select plants and accessories.
Look for night blooming plants, such as angel trumpets, which release an intoxicating perfume in to the evening air to further add to the ambiance.

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