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Gardening is a great way to get kids involved in science as well as to get kids up and moving outdoors. I love the newspaper seed starters, that is the only real trick I've ever had with gardening, but it's a fun one!
As a mom blogger, I am presenting my top Pinterest pins from and for fellow parenting blogs on a particular topic each week. Often I forget what I planted where until my fruits, veggies, and herbs are full grown and ready to eat.

With spring in the air, gardening pins are all the rage on the social sharing site right now. My top pick this week is an awesome DYI container gardening idea using old wine bottles to create a self-watering planter from DYI Home Ideas.
My top green gardening pin for the week is homemade newspaper seed starters made from recycled newspaper from Hands Are Full, Heart Is Full. My top pick for gardening markers is Creative Ideas for Plant Markers from Happiness Crafty.

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