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Healthy plants are essential to any yard layout from simple landscaping ideas to garden bed fillers to decorative outdoor potted plants. Expert landscape designers suggest that a great way to begin your outdoor makeover with plants is starting with fabulous garden design ideas that can then be incorporated through the rest of the property.
No unforgettable backyard design ideas are complete without gorgeous landscaping plants to round out your designs. Using different sizes, shapes and colors of succulent and cactus plants you can create a beautiful landscape. Create a unified look throughout your exterior spaces by carrying the same design varieties of fast growing plants and border plants from the front yard to back areas as well.

These unusual options may take longer to achieve your completed look because it takes additional time to grow your landscape plants yourself, but the significantly lower cost and design freedom make it worthwhile.  Another great way to find gorgeous plants for your garden without breaking your budget is shopping locally.
The first step in finishing your landscape transformation with plants is determining the types and styles required for your backyard design. On the other hand, homeowners that live in a cool region but still have a preference for more exotic tropical plants should search for hearty varieties that have the ability to survive in a wider range of sun and temperature fluctuations.
This will even make small layouts feel larger by giving the space a unified look and reducing the appearance of clutter.  Consider miniature species like small trees and tiny lavender plants to provide fabulous design without overwhelming the space. Remember, the best landscaping shrubs to purchase under a budget are hearty varieties that will spread quickly and continue to bloom year after year.

Always determine the amount of sun and shade each section of your yard receives during the day to plan which landscaping plants will flourish in those spaces.  The most popular plants for shade include fast growing shrubs like beautiful bush honeysuckle and flowering dogwood tree varieties. Outdoor gardening plants in the sun, however, tend to do best when you choose vibrant flowering bushes and shrubs with varieties bred for warmer regions that are also more tolerant of dry or drought conditions.

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