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If you are interested in ideas for making changes to your yard by adding berms but are lost for ideas, feel free to use my ask me a question page and include a photo and I will try to give you some ideas.
If it is sloped up as you go away from the house you have a wonderful potential for an aesthetic landscape with plants shown off in layers, perhaps a flowing stream down toward and in front of your patio area, etc. Landscaping berms are mounds of dirt that are often erected to add visual interest to the landscape.

The problem is that I have a house on my left, right, and back, so will need to either build a very expensive retaining wall, or was just suggested to look at a Berm. This gives you an idea of how many plants you need to cover the berm and how to space them. Furthermore, my landscaper told me that removing the soil is complex and expensive where I live, and the Berm would allow the soild to be reused.

How to Build a Berm for Landscaping How to Build a Dirt Berm Garden Berm Ideas About Landscape Berms Most plants are suitable for berm landscaping.

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