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As fall gets under way and new programs are added to the evening lineup, we’re giving homage to television shows, old and new, with a real estate tour. As fall gets under way and new programs are added to the evening lineup, we’re paying homage to television shows, old and new, with a real estate tour. The mid-century home that hosted the blended Brady clan looks unchanged from its days on the small screen. Phil and Claire Dunphy live in this traditional 4-bed, 5-bath family home with their three kids. Jay, the patriarch of the Dunphy family, and his wife, Gloria, live in this modern home a little over 7 miles from Phil and Claire. No sun-drenched olive trees or private parking palaces here, but the East’s priciest homes are luxurious in their own right. With a median home value over $3 million, East Hampton real estate doesn’t come cheap.

Catherine Sherman, a real estate writer for Zillow Blog, covers real estate news, industry trends and home design.
Each house at Woodland Park has its own address over the front entrance  — just like any other home.
Learn More About Green House® HomesRead my posts on the planning, construction, and opening of Woodland Park at VMRC. While many shows, especially in the early days, were never shot outside the studio set, a good handful of them took place in real homes and still look exactly as they did on the small screen.
The white columned house that played home for the Cunninghams was built in 1923 and has 6 bedrooms, 2 baths and measures 3,904 square feet.
Built in 1959, the North Hollywood home would be rather small for the Brady family of eight, which is why interior scenes of the show were shot on a studio set. The 4-bed, 4-bath house played the home of twins Brandon and Brenda Walsh, and unlike many other TV homes had scenes filmed in the interior of the house, rather than on a studio set.

The stately 6,376-square-foot house was home base for the Cohen family and Ryan Atwood, the troubled teen they took in.
Moreover, while my parents may or may not end up living at one of the Woodland Park homes, that VMRC possesses the wisdom and vision to incorporate new ideas and change the way it delivers care intrigued me enough to want to observe and write about organization’s implementation of the Green House® Homes philosophy. The 1928 home has 10 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and measures 16,599 square feet — not including the bat cave, of course.
It’s also known as one of the most architecturally significant homes in New York City, with a dome construction and rooftop terrace overlooking Central Park.

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