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Every once in a while, we get into a pickle where we have to get something at our home taken care of, be it burned out electrical wires, a clogged kitchen sink, creaking or broken furniture, faulty electronic appliances, inefficient air conditioner or refrigerator, pest problem, and whatnot. Today, consumers are resorting to avail all kinds of lifestyle services from shopping, to food delivery, to cab booking and more right from their smartphone.
The on-demand home services industry seems to be quite popular among the millennial generation evidently due to the fact that they are the largest consumers of Internet services.
The millennial generation makes up for more than 80 percent of the users who book these services online.
One of the greatest challenges for the home services industry as a whole is the pricing model. This morning, the company is announcing it has rolled Home Services in 11 more markets for a total of 15 cities. When using Amazon Home Services, customers can place an order online, set up a time for the service or repair, and then pay using the credit card he or she has on file. The launch represents a major new push for the retailer, which up until now focused on selling physical and digital products — but not services.
But he said the service has been going well since it launched, with consumers giving workers an average rating of 4.71 out of 5 stars, and in the first half of July, orders doubled compared to all of the orders fulfilled in June.
However, those numbers are slightly skewed because of Prime Day, which gave everyone $30 off of all services in the form of a gift card. On Prime Day alone, he said the number of custom orders placed increased 20 times the usual volume. Previously, Amazon was only offering pre-packaged services, such as TV Wall Mounting, Basketball Hoop Assembly or Faucet Replacement. When asked whether some service providers were using Amazon to meet customers, but then never notifying Amazon of the job to avoid having to pay the fee, Lathia said he wasn’t worried about it. Interestingly, it also violates Amazon’s terms of service to mark up the cost of a service by 10 to 20 percent because of the fees they collect.
He said the pitch appears to be working. Over the past three months, the number of service workers applying to the program has increased four times.

The Home Services option is available in "major" US cities across 41 states, although the level of coverage depends greatly on where you live. According to news service Reuters, Amazon will be launching a local service marketplace later this year, competing directly with sites like Yelp and Foursquare. For more on finding reputable local contractors, check out our guide to finding the best home repair services.
In India, online service booking models started taking off with the advent of 3G connectivity and mobile broadband. They are also people who expect reliability and professionalism from their service providers.
Smartphones and mobile broadband services were in their nascent stages, at least in urban India. These industries have gone past the point where they needed to standardize the pricing and create widespread adoption of their services. Impulsive services such as plumbing, electrical and minor repairs are necessities of every homeowner. This potentiallystrong approach opens new horizons for Indian startups to become known as a home-grown internationally acclaimed organisation(s).
To get up and running quickly, Amazon has amassed a large database of repairman, teachers and contractors, who conduct a wide range of services, from home repairs to basketball hoop assembly or faucet replacement and piano lessons.
For pre-packaged services, it equals to roughly 20 percent of the job, and for custom jobs under $1,000 it’s 15 percent. Soon, you’ll be able to find home service providers like plumbers, piano teachers and babysitters, too.
Services would be provided by third-party vendors and backed with Amazon’s A-to-Z satisfaction guarantee.
More extensive details on the service are not yet available, since Amazon is being tight lipped.

It becomes a very easy transition for people who have previously used apps like Uber, Foodpanda or similar lifestyle apps to use these services as well. Moreover, it’s really difficult to partner with service professionals and providers on our platform where they share a common pricing model. There may be a time when such essential services start pouring in discounts too but there are far more important things that need to be addressed first.
These services are already a part of our day-to-day lives and it perfectly makes sense for companiesto find a way to provide these services to customers at the convenience of their fingertips. At launch, the service was available in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. Additionally, he said that violates their terms of service, and they’d be kicked off. The internet giant has launched its promised Amazon Home Services, a one-stop shop that lets you order professionals in categories ranging from home maintenance to tech support -- there's even goat grazing, in case you need to clear an overgrown field. The recent splurge in home services industry aims at addressing this problem at large faced by homeowners.
There’s a lot of research and planning that goes behind understanding the prevailing trends and fixing a price for a particular home service. Having a systematic way of booking home services from providers will also allow customers to take control of home related tasks right on their mobile phones.

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