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This Spring flower garden has a great mixture of many different kinds of flowers including roses, tulips, lilies, and daisies. I hope you enjoyed looking through these flower pictures and I would love it if you would send me pictures of your own flower gardens.  I hope everybody has a Happy Spring!
This picture is different from the rest, because instead of a flower garden it is more like a flower field, yet it is beautiful none the less.  Sometimes a mixture of colors is best, but in instances like this, singular colors make a bold and beautiful statement of their own. As the months keep changing Autumn is just around the corner.  If you like to plan ahead, now is the time to be thinking of ideas for your Fall flower garden. When I think of the American Dream I think of a modest home with a white picket fence with a beautiful flower garden around it.  This picture depicts that vision perfectly.

This next flower garden picture is nothing fancy, but it shows you how a flower bed can really make a storefront stand out and can make an entire street corner more beautiful. A stone or brick walkway can add charm to a backyard flower garden as well, as is evident in this photo below. Here is a picture of a flower garden that is at the edge of the lawn and is about fifteen feet deep.  Notice how the gardener leaves room in sections so they can get in there and pull weeds. This flower garden utilizes flower boxes instead of planting the flowers directly into the ground. I will post more pictures of beautiful flower gardens soon so please come back to see the new additions.

I highly recommend planting Hyacinths in your Spring flower beds and then bringing some of them into the house for their wonderful natural aroma.
Caryopteris, also known as blue mist shrub, Michaelmas daisies, Chelones (turtleheads), Eupatoriums, and of course, mums.

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