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On my 30-year journey through the independent garden retail channel, I have seen thousands of attempts at signage programs.
The essence of any sign program should be to see needs through the consumer’s eyes, not the retailer’s. Level 1 was always answered by large signs named after well-known products such as Shade Trees, or categories like Lawn Care. As well as helping customers to spend, a signage program sets or re-enforces the tone of the company.
From hand-written, misspelled messages on the back of someone else’s signs to sophisticated high-tech tapestries 12 feet by 20 feet.

In previous decades shoppers could connect most dots, so signage was functional, informative and dry.
Some managers expect employees to have clean uniforms, yet never think of fading or obsolete signs as having the same impact on ambiance.
Nowadays as garden center shopping time declines, signage has to attract, engage, inform, inspire and assure in a few minutes, without a word being said—and all for the price of one part-time employee!
The brand image of the company can be upgraded very quickly with a professional, coordinated sign program. This Level 2 sign helps unravel the mystery of the chemical dept—and with a whimsical cartoon, too.

This sign engages, informs and assures in professional style, and it didn’t cost a fortune.

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