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First lighting system that you can choose is simple and functional lighting system for patios and decks such as posts and bollards lighting. For all of you who like something minimalist in your patio, you better use recessed light for your deck. Your home will have good exterior look when you will be able to make your patio and deck look so great too.
Bollards lighting will illuminate flooring well and the tall posts lighting will work well to give strong lighting in your patio so you can do all activities in better and maximum way.

You can do poolside cocktail party and you will get best atmosphere with this lighting system too. There are some other lighting systems that you can choose such as step lights that will give best effect in your patios and decks.
You can also choose pillar mounts that can be added to top of the railing post in your deck.
Here, you will get some choices of lighting system and you are free to choose one that is suitable with your patio design.

Lighting system is not only providing light to your deck or patio but it must be used as decoration for your deck and patio too.

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