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Collars and Cuffs -  Situated at either end of the parkway, the City Gate Fence and Keystone buildings and landscape should be programmed to accommodate greater activity. Landscape elements such as benches, lighting, planters, bio-swale and parking lots are part of the woven fabric. My background in post-industrial landscapes began at first with an artistic impression—finding beauty out of toxic sites. The knowledge gained through the utilization of academic networking helped me build a critical foundation of inquiries, which were then administered throughout my senior project.
Lastly, I offer my regards to all those who supported me in any respect during the completion of my project. These winning entries from Gowanus Lowline: Connections, along with approximately twenty other thought-provoking entries selected by the committee, and three projects from the seventh grade class of the Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies, a local middle school, will be on display at the SET Gallery, 287 Third Avenue, Brooklyn for two weeks in September.
After understanding the physics of each pollutant, a prescribed phytoremediation plan will be implemented along various locations alongside the Gowanus based on previous data gathered as to where these toxic hot spots are located along the Canal.

This post-industrious landscape is a physical narrative telling a story of what lead to its demise. He opened his own office in 1993 and began working on residential, commercial, and restoration projects that addressed sustainable design issues. The three types of phytoremediation techniques (depicted above) would be established incrementally over time in site-specific locations alongside the Gowanus Canal (following image).
Each of these areas employ proposed wetland edge conditions, phytoremediation techniques, and site specific programs that will adapt over time through remediation towards renewed urban open space. By also utilizing a comprehensive study of time, place and human interaction, the Gowanus Canal has broadened my interests in remediation from an artistic perspective towards the landscape as a whole. The landscape continually evolves, which requires thinking beyond the site's deindustrialization. The research team has expanded beyond the borders of campus and became a vehicle for the research component of this project.

A passive approach includes the technique of phytoremediation (using deep-rooted plants to sequester and eliminate pollution below the surface).
The nearby areas of Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill are neighborhoods of four and five story buildings, but the City has approved 12-story buildings for two separate major development projects in Gowanus. The above drawings explore the role of pollutants below the surface, and depict the role of phytoremediation as an antidote for each. This was done through formulating critical inquiries, expanding beyond the realm of landscape architecture, and synthesizing research into applicable design guidelines.
Anthony began his career with Samuel Anderson, Winka Dubbeldam and James Garrison, where he won an AIA-NY Project Award.

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