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I’ve always loved the lovely green landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, but 12 years of living in Reno and the desert has grown on me. Minerals, algae, and cyanobacteria give this geyser in Nevada's Black Rock Desert its brilliant colors. Photos are all found via Flickr (follow image links for more on the author), and color schemes are available to download on COLOURlovers. After wrapping up our shoot in Los Angeles, we had an extra day in southern California to explore and shoot some landscapes. It was about a three hour drive from LA out into the desert, and once we actually got out there, the heat had climbed to 111A° (sorry no photo from the rental car’s dashboard) but it was worth it, the landscape was completely alien, barren, and beautiful.

I dunno who’s leaving train cars out in the middle of the desert next to salt flats like that, but whoever you are thanks for setting up an awesome photo for us.
Keep your eyes peeled for landscapes from this trip to hit the blog sometime in the near future.
The Sahara, Arabian, Iranian, and Thar deserts all connect together to form a 6,000-mile (9,600-kilometer) expanse of drylands in North Africa. Big thanks to Dave Hill for recommending a super-secret spot out in the desert where movies like Planet of the Apes and Lost in Space were filmed. Sorry there aren’t any photos from inside but believe me that it was a very, very strange place.

Pack some water because this round of color schemes focuses on some of the hottest desert spots of the planet.

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