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This deck plan is for a large, single level deck with a pergola to provide shade from the hot summer sun. This deck plan is for a medium size, low, single level deck with planter boxes built into the deck beside the stairs.
There is a pergola installed above this deck to provide shade on those scorching summer days.

This deck plan is for a beautiful large, high, two level deck with a privacy screen and a pergola along the left side of the lower deck. The plans include a plan for the deck, plus a plan for a seperate, free standing pergola that can be installed elsewhere in the yard to provide a second shaded seating area.
There is a hot tub in the far corner next to the privacy screen, benches, planters, and a pergola to shade the main deck area immediately outside the patio door.

There are steps down to a 14' x 12' (approx.) middle deck with steps down to the patio or yard.

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