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Five Star Brick Pavers is a full service construction company, we are LICENSED GENERAL CONTRACTORS (Five Star Renovation and Development Inc.
Our Expansive Outdoor Paver Showroom in Clearwater is one of the largest and finest in West Central Florida. Paver Grout bonds to the paver and sets hard whilst retaining enough elasticity to compensate for expansion and contraction of the paver joint. Paver Grout is a far safer and more attractive alternative to controlling weeds, algae and mold on residential paver pool decks and driveways.
Paver driveways and Pool Decks that have not been professionally finished have gaps between the pavers that provide a home for insects, weeds, dirt and mold. Many contractors use Masons sand to fill the cracks between pavers, even with a sealer applied Mason's sand will wash away in heavy rain leaving the paver joint open to collect Mold Mildew and dirt.
Paver Grout™ fills in all the gaps to create a hard setting, natural looking paver joint which stabilizes the deck making the surface area stronger and less prone to drifting or sinking.
Paver Grout™ is an Architectural Grade mix of silicates and polymer modified binders and additives that bonds to the paver.
This City Diamond paver pool deck has been finished with our Light Grey Paver Grout for the main sections and our Light Tan Grout for the edge bandings. The pool deck was in good overall condition there were quite a few sunken pavers which we corrected and we stripped off the previous sealers to provide a better bond for the grout. Paver Grout makes the paver pool deck look and feel more like the inside floor surfaces of your home. Paver Grout can be custom color matched to blend with the colors of your driveway or pool deck pavers. Paver Grout decks and driveways stay clean thanks to a high tech coating which is applied after the grout has set, the coating brings out the color and protects the pavers from staining and U.V damage.
This paver driveway in Lakewood Ranch Florida was was finished with our Light Tan paver grout and then given 2 coats of our premium grade urethane sealer. Sealing the pavers helps to protect the paver surface from staining the most common types of stains on brick pavers are engine oil, gum, white calcium and rust blooms from well water.
Most stains can be removed completely, oil stains can be improved considerably but will generally always darken slightly more than the natural color of the paver when sealed.
Once sealed Dirt, mold and algae cannot stick to the paver surface, in addition oil stains can be easily mopped up and removed. To keep the pavers looking good simply rinse down with a garden hose from time to time to remove surface dust.

This driveway in Edgewater Village Bradenton was recently restored, the pavers were deep cleaned, grouted with our Light Tan Grout and then sealed with our advanced Urethane driveway sealer. The photograph was taken to illustrate the smooth look that you get when the joints are grouted, previously there were fairly large gaps in the pavers which attracted dirt and weeds and made it hard to keep clean.
This paver pool deck in Rye Wilderness Parrish was finished with our Light Tan Paver Grout. The preparatory work consisted of cleaning the pavers and stonework to remove a lot of the black mold that was growing in the joints.
Paver grout is weed and insect resistant which solved the problem at the same time improving the overall look of the pool deck.
With the masking work completed we were able to grout and activate the paver pool deck in one day. The paver driveway had very large gaps where the paver corners met and subsequently we used significantly more grout than we would normally use on a driveway this size. This driveway was finished with our Light Grey grout which was a good match for this driveway paver. The block paver driveway was in good overall condition all we had to do was clean the surface and grout the joints, when the Paver Grout was dry we applied one coat of our advanced urethane driveway sealer.
The polymer modifiers in Paver Grout allow it to set hard but retain some elasticity similar to the consistency of hard rubber, this allows the grout to bond to the pavers and expand and contract with the pavers without cracking or coming loose. This brick paver Pool Deck in Edgewater Village Bradenton has been finished with our Light Tan Paver Grout. The finished effect is a smooth finished look which darkened up nicely when the paver sealer was applied. This beautiful paver pool deck in West Bradenton was finished with our light Tan Paver Grout which complemented the color of the pavers perfectly. There were quite a lot of sunken pavers around the pool edge which were lifted out and levelled prior to the application of the grout. KC Paver Sealer is ready for foot traffic within 2-4hrs, in normal conditions and can take heavy traffic after a period of 24hrs, longer curing times may occur depending on the ambient temperature at the time of sealing. Pavers around the edge of swimming pools often sink due to settlement or washout of the substrate, if your pool needs constant top ups and you have sunken pavers this could mean that you have a leak in the flow or return pipe work. It is not uncommon to find large cavities underneath sunken pavers, re-levelling the pool deck involves removing the affected pavers and then filling in the holes with a paver base sand. With the repairs completed the pavers are ready for grouting, the photograph below shows the same pool deck before and after the KC Paver Grout™ has been applied, the finished result is a smooth seamless look to the pool deck which is weed and insect resistant.

Old paver driveways and pool decks can be successfully restored, the first step is to deep clean the paver and get out all the dirt from the joints, we then grout the joints and then seal the paver surface. Our specialist surface cleaners deep clean the paver surface without blowing all the mud and dirt into your swimming pool. Deep cleaning is essential prior to sealing, any marks left on the pavers underneath the sealer cannot be removed once the sealer is dry. That's because we attach a stainless steel, laser engraved plaque with our name and logo on every Paver Grout driveway or pool deck we complete, it represents a comittment to stand behind our promise to deliver the highest quality Paver Grout Installations.
Walking around on various shapes, sizes, and colors of concrete pavers, clay pavers, tumbled travertine, shellstone, and reclaimed brick allows you to truly visualize how these surfaces will add lasting beauty to your home. You can see an extensive display of pavers in Tampa at 7809 North Dale Mabry, and in Sarasota at 5682 Fruitville Road. The end result is a Natural looking seamless paver joint, a joint which not only prevents weed growth but a joint that is also insect resistant and long lasting, guaranteed in normal domestic use for 5 years.
Many homeowners use weedkiller on paver pool decks or driveways to control weeds, we do not recommend spraying weedkiller as the toxic residues can be picked up by bare feet and some weedkillers can permanently stain pavers. From pool remodeling, to patios, paver decks, walkways and driveways, to outdoor kitchens, sheds and pergolas, La Gasse Design can transform your dull or outdated outdoor areas into a showcase in your neighborhood. Giving you peace of mind knowing that when you choose Five Star Brick Pavers you will be protected from unlicensed and uninsured work.Five Star has been serving the West Coast of Florida for more than a decade, with over One Million square feet of product installed on the Sun Coast. Paver Grout™ driveways and paver swimming pool decks not only look better they stay looking clean year after year. Whether it is a small patio, pool remodel overlay, new driveway, parking lot or just pressure cleaning and sealing your existing brick pavers, you can expect the highest quality results. We are very knowledgeable in all aspects of the brick paving process which include drainage, slope, orientation, dimension and by utilizing a triple-compaction process we are able to back your project with a FOUR YEAR WARRANTY ensuring longevity of your project.Our expertise in the industry along with our understanding of state and local building codes, make FIVE STAR BRICK PAVERS the right choice for your next paving project.
Whether you're maintaining your existing brick pavers or looking for us to create a new and exiting addition to your homes facade, call (941) 377-0960 today to schedule a free consultation!

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