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This tan Vinyl Patio Cover is attached to the house, and bolted to the existing textured concrete patio. A Custom Designed and Installed White Vinyl Patio Cover on both an upper composite deck and lower existing concrete patio. If Vinyl is not what you are looking for and you want the look of a Rustic Wooden shade structure, Contact Us, and let Trademark Shade design and install any style wooden structure you need. These days, homeowners get the chance to choose from a plenitude of types of wood patio tiles. We at Trademark Shade can design any structure to meet your outdoor living needs using our Maintenance Free Vinyl Patio Covers.

Choose from our Standard Size & Pricing chart, or Contact Us for an Onsite, Free Consultation on how Trademark can Custom Design a Vinyl Patio Cover for you. There are many kinds of wood decking available on the market nowadays so it isn’t really a problem to find the one you will fell in love with. Even if that haven’t happened you can also combine several kinds of wood decking at one area or paint it in your favorite shades of wood. Check the durability ratings of your favorite wood varieties by consulting the online info provided by the USDA Forest Service.2) Superior Insect Attack Resistance If wood-eating pests are one of your main concerns now, choose to purchase and install wood patio tiles that deter insects.
Here are some ideas to use wood decking on patios and terraces that might help you to find some inspiration.

Get ready to cope with the negative effects of a potential fire hazard by installing wood tiles made from a type of wood with an exceptional fire rating, like Ipe, for instance, which received the “A” rating from the National Fire Protection Association.4) Aesthetic Requirements Wood patio tiles are available in different colors, from light shades of gold to dark brown. The difference is that some species age naturally in a graceful manner, while others require staining and time-consuming maintenance routines.5) Environmental ConcernsNever purchase wood tiles that are the result of illegal logging activities.

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