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Patio umbrellas are usually constructed of either six or eight triangular panels connected along their sides.
If you are still in possession of the tattered remains of your umbrella canopy, measure one of the unmolested triangles to figure out what size the new one should be. I measured the cloth panels on two 10-foot patio umbrellas, and found them to be significantly different. I forgot to measure the height of the triangles on the old umbrella, but I could calculate it using the information I did have, impressing exactly no one at the fabric store. The fabric was worn down til it was nearly transparent, then it ripped in a windstorm, and ripped again when I tried to repair the threadbare canopy. If your sizes or angles aren't quite the same as the old umbrella, it will probably still work fine, because the frame adjusts.

I calculated them in that manner and ended up one triangle short when I got the patterns cut. If your fabric has a pattern, you'll need to take more care about where the panel edges will meet when the umbrella is assembled. As the frames are raised and lowered, the size required for a snug-fitting umbrella canopy changes. You'll also need fabric pockets to hold the umbrella ribs, and a large circle to cover the top. It is likely that these two canopies will still work on the same umbrella frame, despite their differences. I would consider it a waste of my time to sew together an umbrella out of thin materials, but it's an option if you have more time than money.

Great way to update your umbrella each season Generously sized umbrella canopies feature weather-resistant polyester canvas. Sunbrella® canopy is constructed of 100% acrylic, tested and proven to provide up to 98% UV protection from harmful effects of the sun when used for shade.

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