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Restaurant owner Gina Champion-Cain, along with property owner Jeff Silberman of Carleton Management, said The Patio on Goldfinch will bring an “exciting new edition to Mission Hill’s emerging culinary and cultural scene,” with an eye to help develop the next up-and-coming dining neighborhood. Opened November 2012, The Patio on Lamont Street has grown to be one of Pacific Beach’s premier destinations for “creative farm-to-table dishes,” representatives said in the release. The Patio on Goldfinch will feature similar menu items as the owners’ Pacific Beach restaurant, including dishes that use local, seasonal ingredients.
The Patio on Goldfinch will join Meshuggah Shack, Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria, Brooklyn Girl Eatery and Special Delivery San Diego as dining destinations on the 4000 block of Goldfinch Street. The two plant walls at The Patio on Goldfinch in Mission Hills are not like that whatsoever. The Patio has built a glass cheese cave, aging its own with help from top local cheese store Venissimo. The Patio on Lamont Street offers up inspired California cuisine that caters to foodies and the canines they love.
Pier Cafe is a casual beach eatery with great food that allows both you and your dog to enjoy the ocean views. The Regal Beagle is pet friendly and serves great local bar with a constantly rotating selection of craft beers. Clearly, the Patio is an eatery for — and by — people who love horticulture: in their food, in their drinks, on the tables and crawling up the walls.

Many of the Patio’s showstopping features are the work of San Diego design firm Tecture, which designed and built the facades (in collaboration with Oo-d-a Studio), the living wall, the bars, the formwork and all the tables. The decor, including the tabletop potted flowers and the hanging basket planters, are the work of Beatriz Arrues of the Urbane Boheme firm. DM: I think anyone building a green wall system has to take into consideration the works of Patrick Blanc and his passion for the mixing of garden and interior spaces. There will also be a cheese cave, complete with a cheese expert on hand, and an outdoor patio open to pets that will include a fireplace and retractable roof. Their first, in Pacific Beach at the old Lamont Street Grill (renamed The Patio on Lamont), is a huge success.
But when we met with Gina, the idea [was] that it should be a unique space in not just Pacific Beach, but in San Diego, which would blur the lines between interior and exterior dining. From the street, enough of the Patio is seen to perk one’s interest, but the journey to the entry is crucial. 21, owners of The Patio on Lamont Street signed a lease to open a second location of their popular restaurant in Mission Hills. Based in Mission Valley, Lahaina Architects designed the original Patio concept in Pacific Beach.
Their riff on the mule is house-infused pineapple and vanilla bean blanco tequila with ginger beer that’s carbonated to order.

And three, we were told by Gina’s decorator, Beatriz Arrues of Urbane Boheme, that she did not want succulent plants in the wall, while showing us images of very ornate tropical walls, which, if not done well in our climate, can oftentimes fail. The wall will need continual upkeep, but between the wonderful staff at the Patio, the landscapers, and us dropping by the check on our baby, we have managed to get the wall going with a good foundation.
And, there aren’t a lot of public garden parties going on in Pacific Beach, so the Patio takes the neighborhood one step closer.
The Patio’s bread is really nicely buttered and caramelized into a state of significant umami. From there, it opens you right up to the bar, which stands at a contrast to the living wall, yet brings in the other side of the Patio. The combination of these materials works well, with the outdoor patio being very open and lush, and the interior being deeper and cozy. The beauty of the Patio is in joining these two spaces in a balanced and complimentary manner.

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